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3 ways to supercharge your sales pipeline!

Updated on April 10, 2015

1. Work relentlessly to fill up your sales pipeline. Outside of your normal prospecting efforts here are two simple ways to give your pipeline a boost.

  • Scrub business cards and network on Saturdays and every free minute you have. A big network of prospects always equals big commissions.
  • Let the entire world know what you are doing- Facebook, Instagram, email blast etc. if people don't know what you offer how can they refer business to you?

2. Use your resources. This sounds simple but it surprises me how many professionals do not take the initiative to get extra training and product knowledge to give them the edge. It is only your livelihood we are talking about. There are countless resources in every company and on the Internet about the products you sale and ways to improve your sales skills so start using them!

3. Have a rock solid presentation! Check yourself against these common pitfalls of most sales people:

  • Not enough practice- your first presentation will be your worst. Get over it and practice. Practice must be out loud and in front of a mirror.
  • Building Rapport- do not be too quick to jump right into the presentation. Get to know your client and make a friend before making the sale.
  • Ask great questions- don't just ask questions like "are you happy with your provider" but ask questions that make your client think like "what are your top 3 challenges in business today?"

Any professional whether they are a professional athlete or an attorney understands they have to constantly work to get better. That's why athletes have coaches.


  • Becoming an expert is not overnight.
  • Commit to expanding your knowledge.
  • Spend a few hours a week and reach out to the home office if you have any questions on how to get more information about how to sell your products and services.

Example of a great daily routine includes putting at least 30 minutes towards personal development. Write out your next days plan the previous day so that you stay focus and do not deviate from your important personal development plan.

If you are a sales manager or business owner it is your job to do whatever it takes to help all of your team hit their goals.

Sales professionals make up the most important part of any company. Nothing happens until a sale is made.

Apply these simple strategies to your routine and your production will skyrocket!

Happy selling,

Shane Hurley


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