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30 Occupations Whose Titles You Never Knew

Updated on December 1, 2015

Areas of work and titles

We all know these fields of work or occupations but not many of us knew the exact titles of the people who engage in these occupations. For example, everyone knows that someone who teaches is a teacher and someone who writes the life stories of people is a biographer, but not many of us know that someone whose field of work is to take care of poultry is a poulterer or that someone who buys and sells wines is a vintner.

Below is a list of some more very interesting occupations that we are familiar with but whose titles we aren’t really aware of.

30 Occupations and their rare titles

  1. Someone who accepts goods in exchange for money is a pawnbroker.
  2. A person who sells things on behalf of other people is a broker.
  3. Someone whose job is to help a person who has just recovered from an illness by giving them activities to do is an occupational therapist.
  4. Osteopathy is a method of treating medical problems by massaging the muscles and bones. A person whose job it is to treat people using osteopathy is an osteopath.
  5. Someone whose job involves the examining and treating of injuries and diseases of the feet is called a chiropodist or podiatrist. In America it is podiatrist whereas in Britain it is chiropodist.
  6. Someone whose job is to drive or move large groups of sheep or cattle from one place to another is a drover.
  7. A doctor who specializes in the treatment of cancer is called an oncologist. It is derived from the word oncology which is a part of medical science that focuses on cancer and tumors.
  8. When you go to a casino and you see a person working in the position where he or she collects and pays money to the customers gambling for money, such a person is known as a croupier.
  9. A person who makes barrels is called a cooper.
  10. Someone who works in a coal mine as a coal miner is called a collier.
  11. A professional whose job is to look after computer systems that have many users is called a system administrator.
  12. Many government organizations, non-governmental organizations and companies have IT professionals who study their organizations' computer needs and solve these problems by doing things such as designing new IT solutions or creating special software. A professional who does this job is a systems analyst.
  13. A health professional who treats eye diseases is called an ophthalmologist. There is a difference between an optician and an ophthalmologist. An optician mainly tests people’s eyes and sells glasses to them. An optician also makes lenses for glasses. An optician doesn’t treat eyes diseases. That is the job of an ophthalmologist.
  14. Have you ever wondered what the name given to someone that writes a dictionary is? A professional who writes dictionaries is called a lexicographer.
  15. Someone who sells cloths, curtains and other fabrics is called a draper. This is very common in Britain.
  16. A person who sells fish is a fishmonger.
  17. Someone who sells fruits and vegetables in a shop is called a greengrocer. A greengrocer can either be a worker or the owner of the shop. But whether he or she is the owner or worker, so far as he or she sells fruits and vegetables we refer to such a person as a greengrocer. The term greengrocer isn’t very common in the United States. A greengrocer’s shop is called a greengrocer’s.
  18. Someone who sells fruits is called a fruiterer.
  19. A person who sells or makes fur clothing is called a furrier.
  20. A person who prepares medicines with herbs and sells them or uses them to treat people is called a herbalist.
  21. A scientist whose job involves the study of fossils (bones, plants, etc that have been preserved in rock since ancient times) is known as a paleontologist.
  22. A person whose job it is to arrange or organize funerals is commonly known in America as a funeral director but in the United Kingdom, such a person is called an undertaker.
  23. A person (usually a soldier) whose job is to fight for any group or country that will pay him is a mercenary. A mercenary fights not because he is loyal to the country or group he is fighting for but because of the money being given to him.
  24. A person whose job is to fit glasses into window frames is called a glazier.
  25. A person who makes and sells women’s hats is called a milliner.
  26. A person who makes shoes for the feet of horses is called a farrier.
  27. A professional who uses hypnosis to treat emotional or physical problems is known as a hypnotherapist whereas someone who hypnotizes people is a hypnotist.
  28. Someone who specializes in turning animal skins into leather through tanning is called a tanner.
  29. A farmer who breeds mainly cattle is called a stockbreeder.
  30. Someone who makes maps is a cartographer.

Do you know of any other areas of work or occupations whose titles are not very common? If you do, then please don’t hesitate sharing them with us in the comments section of this hub.

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      Reynold Jay 2 years ago from Saginaw, Michigan

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