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20+ Ways To Make Money From Your Digital Camera

Updated on February 6, 2011

Take My Picture!

 Taking pictures are fun. Our cameras become our best friend sometimes. We carry them everywhere we go and when we accidentally leave them behind, our trusty phone stands in as its substitute. But if you've been thinking about turning something fun and cool into a hobby that can earn you profits then here are some neat ideas to get you started.

Work Home Ideas With Your Camera

1. Make Your Own Postcards. You can make low-priced custom postcards for your clients. can help with this.

2. Security Protection. Most companies have a great security system but there are just as many that don't. You can start up a business that takes photos of assets so that it can be used as inventory in the event of break-in.

3. Upload. You can upload your photo to stock sites and earn a commission when someone downloads your image. Mashable has compiled a list of over 40 places to sell your photos online.

4. Family Portrait Service. Although most do not wish to compete with big name companies like Sears and Olan Mills, you can still put together a good plan to service those looking for an alternative option and a more hands on type of service. Geoff Lawrence is a great tutorial site for photography.

5. Special Event Package. You can offer a special service to clients by photographing their special events like graduation, parties, weddings, and new born babies.

6. News. You can take photos at events and sell then to syndication companies as news stories.

7. Real Estate Photography. You can offer your service to clients looking to sell their house by adverising or working with real estate agents to photograph houses and have them listed on their company's prospective website.

8. Parades. The folks who take part in the parade don't always remember to photograph the event. This is where you can come in. You can take pictures of the event and contact those who performed to offer them a great price on the photos.

9. Landmark Services. You can connect with local tourist companies in the area and offer services to tourists when they arrive. They can have professional digital photos near great landmarks.

10. Nursing Home Facilities. You can contact the director or owner and offer your services to them and agree to photograph birthday parties and events.

11. Santa Claus Portraits. You can offer your service at a nearby store or neighborhood where someone volunteers or is paid to dress up as Santa for the holidays.

12. Used Car Photos.  You can offer a service to the public that photographs their used car and uploads them online to sell.

13. Executive Portraits. Companies that desire a web presence often need professional photography for the top employees in the company to present themselves to the public. Business also need photos taken of their building and employees to use in advertisements.

14. Sports and Hobbies. You can specialize in taking photos of athletes at games and events ranging from baseball, basketball, dance, golf, fishing, and more. You can sell these photos to local papers or the individuals photographed.

15. Concerts & New Years Eve events. Ask people at the front outside the event if they'd like a memory of it by allowing you to professional photograph them.

16. Progress Photos. You can find prospective investors and those into real estate and offer them a service where you photo the progress of construction sites to be used for their business.

17. Vacation Package. You can offer personalized vacaton photo packages to the public.

18. Local Photos for Travel Magazines. You can take photos of your neighborhood and the area in which you reside and sell them to travel magazines.

19. Blow Up Photos. You can offer a service where you blow up photos into poster sizes and even life size.

20. Zoo & Acquarium Photos. You can freelance contract with the local zoo or acquarium for those that are interested in receiving professional photos during their visit. The zoo would recieve a portion of the proceeds.

21. Merchandising. Many companies rely on tasks by merchandisers and many of them involve taking photos of the task when it is completed. By having a digital camera and being in the location needed for servicing, it makes getting hired for the gig much more possible.  


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      forextutorials 6 years ago

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