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360 Degree Feedback

Updated on November 14, 2012

360 feedback closes the loop and encompasses the entire experience and performance of an employee. Everyone dreads employee evaluations from the supervisor that is required to do it, to the employee that is being evaluated. In fact, employee evaluations usually result in the opposite of what is intended.

The Evaluation

If the supervisor focuses on all of the good qualities that an employee brings to work and ends with something that the employee could improve, the employee walks away feeling bad about his- or herself even when a majority of what was mentioned was positive. If the supervisor focuses only on what needs improvement, the employee walks out of the meeting feeling undervalued. In both cases, the employee becomes demoralized, and a decrease in production comes with the demoralization.

The Company

Without evaluations, companies feel there is no way to quantify an employee’s quality of work and no way to offer improvement opportunities. Companies that have the best interest of their employees at heart want the employees to improve. Evaluations are one way to assess the strengths and weaknesses of individuals within the corporation.

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The Employee

360 online surveys provide 360 feedback and try to help both the employee and the company. By providing a complete view of the employee from supervisors and coworkers, 360 feedback helps everyone see the entire picture.

360 Evaluation

Supervisors of large groups don’t always know what every employee in that group is doing. Supervisors who have assistant managers that do not do evaluations may not know what all of their employees are doing. Coworkers, on the other hand, are acutely aware of what each other is doing. By providing a comprehensive 360 evaluation, the company may find that some employees are high performers even though the supervisor would rate them as average.

360 feedback is a great way for companies to understand their workforce and the ways it can be improved.


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