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3D Printing - A Revolution in Engineering Sector

Updated on October 13, 2015

The series of technological developments in the last few decades has undisputedly transformed our life into an ‘exceptionally technological’ one. People from around the world are enjoying the equal benefits of developments of science & technology. Technology has a always a tendency for steady improvements to its existing devices; on the other hand, it innovates and creates new technologies to provide consistency in technological growth. We have touched the limits of engineering and moving beyond that. Engineering is undoubtedly a wide sector comprising of various disciplines. 3D printing is one of the disciplines of modern day engineering that has already started transforming the world in a 3D-way.

Still, many of us are not aware what 3D printing exactly is or can’t even believe that engineers or scientists are actively working on unbelievable aspects, such as medicines, artificial human organ, etc using the similar form if engineering. It is one of the contemporary devices that has potential to revolutionize our lives. It is a very fascinating form of engineering. 3D printing devices are able to to create many kinds of objects made using different materials such as metal, plastic, and even edible ingredients. This technology has great potential, but ramifications of its use have not yet been completely perceived. The technology is yet to be stationed in a better way at different platforms and utilized fully to get its real benefits out of it.

Learn What exactly it is

3D printing machine is able to produce different kinds of objects using different materials filled in different jars attached to it. Through CAD drawing, the machine is send the design through computers and the machine with different nozzles release layers of materials. In a specific period, the machine is able to produce or print the desired design using the required material/s.


The Future

Israelis, with a right notion and passion with their caliber of technological robustness, is ready to surprise the world. They have taken 3D printing to another level. They have already patented various revolutionary 3D technology. According to the chairman of Massivit 3D, Yair Zadik, which has metamorphosed 3D printing globally, the technology will be used to create chairs and other engineering-related creations, and in the near future it will even be used to produce large portions of vehicle and even airplanes, bringing science fiction to life.

The canvas of 3D print engineering is mammoth like when 2D printing was first introduced and it began printing to the point where it was possible to print on houses. In the similar fashion, the former would come up with many possibilities in future. They are using gel-based materials that get hardened immediately in UV light. Massivit 3D can use its rapid printing to create enormous objects. The have already started using it in public relations applications, modeling and publications.

The company uses a special Gel Dispensed Printing (GDP) that is distinctive among others who are associated with 3D printing. Such large-scale printing allows the production of a sculpture of a full-sized human being in just five hours.


Possible Sectors

Using this miraculous technology, we can achieve various primary, secondary and final products, even we can produce the prototypes. Since, there is a flexibility of using different kinds of materials, we can use the technology for the following purposes:

  • Footwear

  • Sports

  • Jewelry

  • Marketing

  • Dental and medical sectors

  • Helmet

  • Suitcase

  • Kid & teen entertainment products

  • Designing and development of car & aviation

  • Prototypes

  • Decorative Pieces

  • Entertainment

  • Self Miniature

  • Fashion Caps

  • Ceramic vases

  • Headphones

  • Belts

  • Musical Instruments

  • Micro & Nano Structures

  • Defence System


To better utilize the technology, companies across the world are already manufacturing 3D printing machines. There are different models available and still there are many to come to facilitate the better use of this technology.


Innovators and researchers are devotedly working on making this technology one of the crucial technologies of modern times. Organovo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Pirate 3D and MakerBot are some of the innovators that have a great number of 3D Printing patents. Moreover, they are looking forward for more patents in the near future.

Some of the patents are on innovative home lighting fixtures and furnishings, creating synthetic tissues that function just like real human tissues and customizable 3D-printed orthotics that offers expecting mothers and fathers a three dimensional look at their beloved fetus in utero.


Latest from around the world

Adidas is all set with the future of customized footwear. The company has a recent plan to use 3D printing technology to create a series of running shoes. It hasn’t used any such technology previously. It will be called Futurecraft 3D that will create never-before-seen concepts for manufacturing running shoes that are only possible through the 3D print engineering. Adidas has uniquely designed the running shoes to match an individual's physical specifications. According to Adidas, they hope to create a fully breathable and flexible carbon copy of the athlete's own footprint that will match exact pressure points and contours.

Adidas is not the only company planning for 3D printed shoes. Feetz has already been receiving online -preorders for 3D-printed shoes since 2014. With the recent developments in the similar sector, the fashion industry appears to be enthusiastic towards the use of 3D Printing technology more and more. Recently, Hyperallergic published an article featuring photos of 3D-printed garments created through the collective efforts of media artists, designers, students and engineers who participated in an event workshop that lasted from June to July of this year.

We all have a question when will HP join the market and produce this technology? Conventional printing machine manufacturing Guru - HP is ready to surprise us soon. To tell you more, the traditional printing giant has a five-foot-tall 3D printing prototype in the basement of its Palo Alto research lab. They have a plan to release a product this year.



This technology has given a rise to a new kind of engineering jobs that combines technology to manufacture more accurate, flexible and robust 3D printing machine and creativity to decide to what extent we can print. Of course, to take this industry that has already started proving its positive aspects, it is very crucial to provide this industry with required workforce who can research and make better use out of this miraculous technology. If we have something already positive, we will definitely try to make it more usable. Our future generation can find a better career option in this similar field.


Possibilities of adopting the technology

Many countries that are technologically getting better have accepted this 3D printing technology positively. For many, it is still an alien technology and taking time to accept it. They are cross checking-checking its every aspect. However, there are safety concerns, but scientists are coming up with better and enhanced mechanism so that various industries can use this technology without any concern.

Future Possibilities

Do believe that 3D printing has any promising future?

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3D Printing is one of the parts of advancing technology and engineering. At one end, this latest technology has come up with an interesting revolution, on the other hand, it has creating multiple opportunities for engineering jobs for engineers and scientists. Since, it is a promising technology, further advancement is on the go that would give us layers of benefits. It has already shown its caliber and we should be hopeful for more positive outcomes from this magical engineering sector in near future!


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