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4 Amazing Stories Work Motivation

Updated on August 13, 2015

4 Amazing Stories Work Motivation

Dear all of the following four stories of motivation in the workplace can be an amazing inspiration for us to improve the performance and careers all of us who read it, be it entrepreneurs, employers and employees.

Everything is short enough to be read, and there are cute and there is a true story in which the characters are a hard worker. Taken from a variety of well-known motivator as Andrie Wongso or Mario firm. As we know sometimes when we work, it becomes a routine that sucks. Sometimes we want to get out of it and form something new even though sometimes we also fear change. All the stories below there are fictional and there are actually a true story. But all of them teach us how human beings should live, how to work hard we can get whatever we want so that we can be called to be successful.

Path to getting there is not easy and even sometimes seem more difficult than the ability that we have. But believe every difficulty there eventually, with courage and hard work we can change, we can get anything that is even possible for others is impossible to dilakukan.berikut is a collection of motivational story is certainly very useful for hard workers as employers or employees ...

1. Work Motivation Story: The Story Tree Feller Once, a timber merchant accepting applications a worker to cut down trees in the forest. Because the promised salary and working conditions will be very well received, so that the candidate the woodcutter was determined to do his best. When starting to work, the employer provides an ax and showed work area should be completed by the target time has been set to the woodcutter. The first day of work, he managed to knock down 8 trees. Afternoon, to hear the work of the bush, the employer was impressed and give praise sincerely, "The results of your work is amazing! I was amazed by the ability to cut down trees. There has never been like this before. Continue to work like that ". Highly motivated by praise his employer, the next day the loggers work harder, but he only managed to knock down 7 trees. The third day, he worked even harder, but the results are still not satisfactory even disappointing. Increasing numbers of day, the less trees that successfully torn down. "I think I've lost the ability and strength, how I can account for my work to the employer?" Thought the woodcutter was embarrassed and desperate. With her head bowed facing the employer, apologizing for the work that is inadequate and complained did not understand what had happened. The boss listened and asked him, "When was the last you sharpened your ax?" "Sharpening the ax? I do not have time for that, I'm very busy every day cutting down trees from morning to evening with a vengeance ". Said the loggers. "Well, this is where the problem is. Remember, your first day of work? With new ax and honed, so you can cut down a tree with remarkable results. The next few days, with the same power, using the same axes but not sharpened, you know, the result is declining. So, how busy, you should take the time to sharpen your ax, so that every day working with the same energy and maximum results. Now start sharpening your ax and get back to work! "Ordered the employer. He nodded his head and give thanks, woodcutter passed from before his employer to start sharpening the ax. Just like the woodcutter, we are every day, from morning till night, as if stuck in a routine pattern. Busy, busy, busy, so often forget the other side is equally important, namely a short break honed and filling new things to add to the knowledge, insight and spiritual. If we are able to set the rhythm of events like this, our lives would certainly be dynamic, resourceful and always new!

2. Motivation Story: Working Is Honor A young executive taking an afternoon nap in an open-air cafe. While busy typing on his laptop, then a little girl who brings some flower stalk him. "Om Om buy flowers." "No sister, I do not need," said the young executive was still busy with his laptop. "One just Om, it can flower for a lover or wife Om," cooed the girl. Half annoyed with a high tone as annoyed keasikannya the boy said, "little brother did not see Om is busy? Sometime yes if Om Om will need to buy flowers from you. "Listening to the young man, the little girl was then switched to the people passing around the cafe. After finishing his lunch break, the young man immediately got out of the cafe. As he walked out he met again with the little girl back to her florist. "It is finished working Om, now buy these flowers dong Om, cheap really only one stalk." Mixed in between annoyance and pity the young man took some money from his pocket. "It's money in 2000 dollars for you. Om does not want flowers, think of it alms to you, "said the young man handing the money over to the little girl. The money was taken, but not to be saved, but he gave to an old beggar who happened to be passing around there. The young man was amazed and a little insulted. "Why do not you take the money earlier, you actually give to beggars?" With the innocence of the little girl replied, "Sorry Om, I had promised my mother that I had to sell these flowers and not get money from begging. My mother always told us even though no money could not be used as beggars. "The young man was stunned, how he gets a very valuable lesson from a child that work is an honor, even if the result is nothing but the sweat of hard work is a pride. The boy was finally pulled out his wallet and bought all the flowers, not because of pity, but because the morale and confidence of the little boy who gave him a valuable lesson that day. Not infrequently we appreciate the work limited to money or wages earned. Work will be worth more if it is a source of pride for us. Any small role in a job, if we do earnestly will bring value to the man himself. That way, every drop of sweat that trickled would be an honor that is worthy of our struggle.

3. True story: Hard Work Artisan Fruit Washing Dishes in the US About 6 years ago, precisely in 2005, a man named Rudi soeparto flew to the United States in search of more money. However it turns out, is a former sales manager can not get a better job in addition to a dishwasher at a restaurant. The beginning of life in the United States spelled out was not easy for the man born in Surabaya, East Java. Why not, he actually could not speak English. As a result, only a washerwoman piringlah that can be used as a living subsistence in the first years in the land of Uncle Sam's. "It is sad fact that time. I do not usually hold food debris and dirt, "the story of Rudi. Amazingly, this does not make the pathetic condition Rudi unyielding. Instead he made it as a teaching situation so that in the end he knew how to cook and the ins and outs of the restaurant. Perseverance and persistence over several years finally resulted in a fast food restaurant of his own, named Wok Express. This restaurant is located on the main street casino complex, Las Vegas, USA. Like a nut that is not oblivious to the skin, Rudi also helped fellow immigrants from Indonesia. All employees are Indonesian, and only cooks are Chinese citizens. Despite already having well established in American life, Rudi still plans to spend his time in Indonesia. Therefore, he always tried to speak Indonesian with their children so that their mother tongue is not lost. Achievement of this soeparto Rudi prove that every sweat of hard work in any field when occupied with good intentions can sweet fruit of success. Moreover, what Rudi is also exemplary. No matter how far we melalang globe and especially to reap success in the country, just like we do not forget hometown. Extraordinary!

4. Motivation Real Story: Hard Work Never Futile Try Gooding Jr. known as an actor who has a strong character. A number of films sold in the market and received various awards. Besides Jerry Maguire where he played with Tom Cruise, Gooding also play well in the film A View Good Men (4 Oscar-winning film) together with Cruise, Demi Moore and Jack Nicholson in As Good as It Gets (2 Oscars) with Jack Nicholson , Men of Honor with Robert de Niro in which he was nominated for both an Oscar and a number of other films. Gooding was born in New York on Jan. 2, 1968. The family moved to Los Angeles when Gooding was four years old. In this city his father's band achieved success with the popular single song, Everybody Plays the Fool. But success was tipped badly because his father left them. With parents by half, school Gooding so messy. He repeatedly change schools. However, in high school when he began to develop his artistic talents to join the school drama activities. Besides the drama he also extra curricular activities cross country and also break dance. His ability to play break dance caught Hollywood talent scouts were then invited to play as the opening show singer Lionel Richie and Paula Abdul in 1984. Thanks to break dance he also appeared as a dancer at the opening of the Olympic Games Los Angeles 1984. Although he elaborated acting well, after high school instead he practiced martial arts of Japan. At that time prospects in the world of acting has not he get. However, his efforts finally brought results. In 1986 he got the first role in the television series Hill Street Blues even though only two episodes. After that he plays a minor role in several other television series, including one of the famous series McGyver. He began to play on the big screen in 1988 with the movie Coming to America. He serves walk-a child who was shaved. Over time, the greater role to play in the movie long enough Boyz n the Hood (1991). This film was nominated for Oscar for best director and best screenplay and Gooding joined in the spotlight because it acts both as Tre Styles. From this star started to become visible. Since then he has received numerous offers to play with a big movie star. Success indeed has he achieved today. But the crucial time, according to Gooding, while in high school. He was so serious about learning the drama no matter what the obstacles. "Time is the toughest time of high school, (then) I had no job and was always trouble. I went to audition either take a bus or walk (because no money), "he said. Hard work never proved futile.


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