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4 Things all Successful Business Owners do Every Day

Updated on November 16, 2015

So you've started to establish your foothold in the real estate world, you're developing your presence and client base, and you've started to feel like maybe you've got the hang of being a real estate broker - congratulations! Now comes the important part: buckling down and continuing, and hopefully growing, your success in the business world. Here are a few simple things successful business owners make a part of their daily routine, staying fresh and avoiding stagnation all the while.

4. Exercise, Rest, and Eat Well

There's a reason food and shelter are the basis of the hierarchy of needs - your job performance, attention to detail, personal charm, and more will suffer if you're not treating your body right. Make sure you're getting enough sleep (6-8 hours a night is ideal, although it differs from person to person), eating well (fruits and vegetables go far!), and exercising, even if it's a simple walk or jog every morning. You'll notice an improvement right away.

3. Maintain a To-Do List

Running a continuous to-do list helps you stay on track and makes sure that you've always got something to do - wasted time is one of the chief enemies of anyone in business, and it can mean the difference between grabbing a huge client and losing a day to unproductive tasks.

2. Educate, Educate, Educate

Stay up-to-date in your field as well as knowledgeable about a broad variety of subjects. Attend lectures, participate in online classes, and seek out like-minded lifelong learners, and you'll find fresh perspectives and new ideas to take back with you to your business philosophy.

1. Show Up and Follow Up

One of the single biggest differences between a successful broker and an unsuccessful one is the former's reliability. Become "that broker" who always shows up fifteen minutes early and follows up with every potential client and lead - there are plenty of competent business figures in the world and lots of competition, but there aren't too many people who stay reliable and useful consistently, and you can make a huge mark for yourself by being one of those people.

No matter where you're at in your real estate career, you'll find yourself benefitting greatly from the careful application of these ideas - and if you're in the process of establishing yourself and your reputation, you'll gain a huge leg up on the competition by doing so.

Gennady Barsky is an entrepreneur and a real estate mogul who hails from Florida.


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