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4 Things to Do When You Hate Your Job

Updated on September 7, 2012

Most of us have those “I hate my job” days. However, there are many amongst us for whom such days are perennial. Signs of dissatisfaction with one’s job could range from minor stress to irritability, anger, frustration and anxiety.

If you have been feeling like that lately, it is time to look deeper and find a solution to your problem. Don’t just keep grudging about your job and going about your daily routine. Instead, do something about it. Here is what you can do if you hate your job;

Assess the aspects that you don’t like in your current job

Make sure you know the exact reason you hate your job. For some people, it is their boss; for others it is their colleagues; and for still others, it is the job itself. Once you have put your finger on the aspects that you hate about your job, it is easier to look for a solution. For example, if you find your colleagues irritating, you could always talk to your boss about it and find a solution. Similarly, if long commutes to your workplace are taking a toll on you, you could always negotiate a work-from-home arrangement. Quitting the job is not always the solution.

Do not quit your job immediately

Sometimes, it is our job profile that we are just not happy with. It may be very monotonous for some, too challenging for others, or too stressful. If you don’t like the work that you do, do not quit in haste. Look for better opportunities within your current organization itself. Talk to your boss and see whether he could give you a new role or responsibility. If no opportunities exist within your current organization, start looking for an alternate job. Update your resume, make a customized cover letter and send it across to potential companies. But don’t quit unless you have a job offer in hand.

Be a professional and quit ethically

You might hate your job or your boss to his guts. But that does not mean you will jeopardize the company with bad behavior. It always pays to act professionally. Even when you hate your job, carry out your responsibilities dutifully. When you quit, make sure you give the company a notice period of 15 days. That allows them to look for a replacement. It is always better to stay in good books of people. You never know when you might need them.

Do not broadcast your sentiments

While this article is about what to do when you hate your job, here is something you should never do when you hate your job. Just don’t take to broadcasting your views and sentiments. Don’t treat Twitter or Facebook as your agony aunt and vent your feelings. Even when you find yourself a new job, do not broadcast your happy feelings. You never know when it might put you in a spot of bother.


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