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4 Tips for Fresh Computer Science Graduates

Updated on May 3, 2019
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Prachi works as a full-stack developer, specialized in e-commerce and mobile app development.


With millions of students graduating every year as computer science grads, finding the right job after college is quite intimidating. You have to discuss with lots of professionals, such as advisors and visit several career fairs as well as companies and talk to your peers. Job hunting process is surely very overwhelming and getting the right job title at the preferred company is daunting. Following are a few valuable tips to make sure you are confidently presentable when you enter the workforce:

1. Show off your Skills

Computer science is a vast field and has lots of different positions for freshers, requiring specific skill sets. So, your resume must clearly highlight your projects, courses, internships, tools, and languages suitable to the respective position. Make sure to check out the kind of technologies demanded by the company. It is understood that as a fresh college grad, you must be lacking work experience except for a few internships.

To counter this situation, try to get your hands on hobby software projects, for example, contributing to open source projects/libraries or posting on Github.

This can be a great way to present your resume with a portfolio to the recruiting manager, distinguishing you from the rest.

2. Raise your Guards for Interviews

It is highly recommended to do thorough research before facing an interview. Try to know about the company as much as possible: familiarise yourself with its products, services, and internal values. On the other hand, if your interview is for a specific team, then check out all the information you can find out about their project. Your research and eager to know about the company’s background and ongoing work have huge chances of impressing the interviewer.

Your resume must include only those skills, you can talk comfortably during the interview. Most of the times, interviewers don’t have enough time to go through the complete resume, but if they know any of the mentioned tools, they will go in depth to test your knowledge about the same.

During the interview, the coding part is the most essential one, they can you to use the whiteboard or a tool. The technical interview team will analyze your potential to solve certain problems through the skill sets mentioned in your resume. During this, your projects and internships play a huge role. The technical section is the most important of all, make sure to excel it in every possible way.

Besides technical abilities, the interviewer also looks for appropriate behavioral skills (soft skills, you may say) such as leadership, teamwork and problem-solving approach. Be prepared beforehand. In this round, the company wants to know if your work style fits with the company’s work ethics.

Check out this video to get a glimpse in how Computer Science Interview Process works

3. Be a Team Player

Computer Science projects such as software development are more about teamwork as it has various stages, which can’t be handled individually. Following the agile development process, teams are divided into small scrums and meet daily to discuss achieving a certain target and reviewing each other’s code. Being a solid team player is an important aspect of a successful developer. Make sure to include any past work experiences you had working with teams including project duration and what role you played in that.

4. Make Use of your Networks

Companies strongly work on referral networks. In most of the cases, employee recommends suitable candidates, competent and knowledgeable enough to handle a particular job. Stay in touch with your friends, classmates and college professors to know about job vacancies in different companies. Companies also offer a referral bonus, so your friend will get incentives to recommend you. A win-win situation for both of you.

Career fairs can give a big boost to your job hunt. Many companies look for potential candidates during such events. Always carry a few copies of a resume during these fairs.


Though job hunting can be a long process, getting a degree in computer science is itself quite remarkable due to the fast pace innovation in the technological area.

Remember to build your network and improve your portfolio.

Data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence are hot trends in the market, which see no declination in its rise in the near future.

At first place, it doesn’t matter which company hires you, make sure to learn as much as you can. Don’t stop. Keep on progressing through your experience to sustain as a winner in this rewarding career.

All the Best.



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