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4 Tips to be Happy in a Job you Despise

Updated on July 14, 2016

Monday morning blues lasting till Friday 5 P.M...feeling disdain at the very sight of the office building...eagerly waiting for the clock to strike 5 in the evening…sounds familiar? It is official- you hate your job.

You are not alone. With the rising work pressure and increasing emphasis on following one’s passion for a living, loathing your 9 to 5 job has become quite common. This gets further amplified with a completely compromised work-life balance.

However, quitting is not always the go to option. Let me walk you through some of the ways to tackle your miserable job and be happy…

  1. Introspect to
  • figure out why you abhor your job- Most of the people are clueless about the root cause making them unhappy at work. And many times these causes also have a good cure. A good way is to jot down the reasons for your discontent and also if they have a feasible solution on a personal, peer or managerial level;
  • focus on the plusses and your reasons for choosing this job in the first place- Many of us must continue in a miserable job to pay for some course/ mortgage/ health insurance etc. You need to remind yourself that this job also has some positives. The goal is to have a better perspective and look at the wins instead of focusing on the negatives;

2. Switch Off from Work and Take Time Out

Get out of the mundane grind of working, eating and sleeping. Ensure some “me” time. Stop thinking about work outside office hours, at least a couple of times a week. Pursue your hobbies; spend some time to catch up with your friends. Make that long overdue spa appointment, pamper yourself silly and work towards your personal goals. This will go a long way in clearing your head to help you gain a fresh perspective & renewed attitude to drive through another grueling day at work.

3. Remind yourself that it is a Temporary Phase

Keep in mind that the current position is but just a part of the bumpy ride on the way to your dream career. Regard it as a crash course to hone your skill-set and a stepping-stone towards realization of your long-term goal. This way, getting through the daily grind of your tough job becomes much smoother & easier; and

4. Try Adding a Fun Element

Nobody works all of the time during work hours. Take small breaks to do stuff that you love. Listen to music or check out the live feed of your favorite football team’s performance. Better your own high score on that occasional computer game. Head out for lunch and shut out the office during that time.

Have friends at your workplace who could join you for a little chit chat or some fun activities. If your work is boring, liven things up by planning group activities with your likeminded coworkers. This way all can de-stress and unwind. The aim is to find something that you can have fun with for a few minutes during the day.

The Bottom line…

YOU need not be miserable even if your job is so. Regardless of the reason why you despise your job - a horrible condescending superior, mean coworkers, or lousy & incompetent subordinates- the strategy is to work through it thoughtfully and diplomatically while looking for greener pastures. Just remember that YOU and only YOU are responsible for your own happiness at work and therefore it is YOU who drives on the way to your dream career.


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    • StreetSmartIntl profile image

      Ian Marsh 

      2 years ago from Guanaba, Queensland, Australia

      I agree with your #4. I had a job that I despise in my earlier years. The one thing that got me through is some good music while taking a break. Also, good thing they change management back then, my office mate and I were lot happier after that.


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