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4 Uses of Explainer Videos For Promoting Business

Updated on July 22, 2015

With so much information available on the net, reading elongated text to completely understand a particular business’ offering could be an overwhelming process. When reading online, people tend to switch between multiple tabs and so, their attention is divided. Even a small distraction prevents a message from sinking into their memories. Nobody has the patience to read everything on a website and no matter how great an offering is, if it is written too much about, it is less likely to be remembered by the viewer.

It is 2015! Now is the time to unload excessive information (from your website) and let an animated Explainer Video do the talking. An animated Explainer Video could be a very meaningful tool for communicating your brand offering, in a crisp, accurate and complete manner, thereby helping you effectively fulfill your business communication needs.

Here are 4 types of Animated Explainer Videos, along with the business objectives they could help you fulfill.

1. Landing Page Explainer Video | Website Engagement
The amount of stay-on time of a viewer on a website is only a few seconds. Within those few seconds, the viewer scans the website AND decides whether he wants to investigate further or not. Research shows that website viewers are likely to watch a video (if available) before they read the website. So even if you have employed paid online marketing campaigns for driving website traffic, but have not posted a video on your landing page yet, your visitors are less likely to stay around. Viewers prefer watching a video as it compresses the amount of time it takes to understand your core offering. In-fact, video, is the most powerful tool in making your viewers see, why your business matters and how it could help them solve a purpose.

2. Usage Demonstration Video | Brand Understanding
No matter how unique your offering is, unless it makes sense to your audience, it can’t be appreciated. Explainer Videos could effectively demonstrate how your offering solves a particular problem and could create a clear understanding of your brand. A better understood piece of communication would likely pull your prospects to know more about your brand.

3. Pre-Roll | Brand Awareness
The ‘Skippable’ Ads that appear before and during a video on Youtube are Pre-Roll Ads. As compared to TVCs, these are affordable and have a targeted customer reach. The best part about these Ads though, is that they are clickable and could immediately connect the interested viewers to your brand by directing them onto your website. This way, a viewer is willingly pulled to know about your brand, instead of being pushed to do so. These ads could greatly contribute in creating online brand awareness.

4. Business Pitch | Winning Clients
Pitch Presentation could be a vulnerable process. Sometimes, you lose a client not because your idea wasn’t good enough, but because the presentation was either too long or difficult to understand. A video could be the perfect replacement to any other traditional tool that is used for assisting a pitch presentation and could help you create a memorable first impression, thereby improving your chances of winning the client.

Each of the listed types of videos are effective in different scenarios and if made strategically, could do wonders for your brand.Of Course there are numerous ways of reaching out to your prospects, but why not opt for the one that’s fun, engaging and memorable? Pull off an amazing Animated Explainer Video and show the world, how awesome your brand is!

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