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4 Ways to Use Promotional Items to Promote Your Business

Updated on January 9, 2018
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Tamara Wilhite is a technical writer, an industrial engineer, a mother of two, and a published sci-fi and horror author.


When you want to promote your business, nothing has the same effect as a literal, visceral connection. When someone sees a physical item with your logo, they are reminded of your company in a way far stronger than the thoughts triggered by a popup ad. Promotional items also have longevity, driving the brand awareness deeper as long as they are still visible to the receiver. It has the side benefit of attracting the attention and informing passerby if the item is located somewhere others could see it. Here are 4 ways to use promotional items to promote your business.

Marketing is a challenge for small businesses.
Marketing is a challenge for small businesses. | Source

Promotional Items Your Employees Wear

Promotional items your employees wear help your company in several regards. First of all, it creates a consistent company look when everyone wears the same T-shirt, polo shirt or sweatshirt at work. Second, it helps customers quickly identify who is an employee and who is a customer. When your employees are in the field or volunteering for a good cause, the promotional clothing spreads brand recognition.

Some companies make T-shirts and other clothing graced with their company logo on it. However, unless your brand is truly beloved, few people will think of wearing a cap or sweatshirt with your company logo on it for very long. The only exception is if the shirt has a funny catch phrase or slogan with broad appeal with only a tacit reference to the company.

Promotional Items Your Employees Use

While we don’t think that world peace bumper stickers have made a difference in that regard, bumper stickers proclaiming pride in everything from one’s child to sports teams get the attention of those around us. Give your employees custom printed bumper stickers to put on their cars to declare their pride about working for your company. This may be the first impression someone receives about your company, and it is a positive one when they see that your employees are willing to put your company’s name and logo on their personal vehicles.

You can also use promotional items as incentives for your employees. These items should be things they actually value and use. The ideal case is an item they’ll use away from work and turn into marketing for your company every time others see it.

Giveaway Items

Almost anything can be turned into a promotional item, but useful items that people will value top the list. Make the giveaway item an award, and they’ll value it. More importantly, they’ll likely keep it and use it, ingraining your brand in their minds and increasing their brand loyalty. This means that you should aim for a sticky pad holder with your company logo on it, not an imprinted pad of sticky notes.

This category of promotional items includes water bottles, reusable shopping bags and food items, if it is something with broad appeal. For example, most potential customers would appreciate a candy bar and would remember the one wrapped in a label with your company name and logo on it.

Don't forget to brand your products so they become marketing items in their own right.
Don't forget to brand your products so they become marketing items in their own right. | Source

Promotional Items That Will Circulate

Have you ever considered why branded pens are so common? Pens and other writing instruments with your company name on it are something your employees can give to someone filling out paperwork and leave with them. Each time the person uses it, they will likely think of your company and its product or service. If someone else takes the pen, they may learn about your company for the first time by reading the company name on it.

Don't forget to put branding on your products where possible to promote your brand whether on the shelf or used in the field.


One of the simplest ways to build your company’s brand is giving your employees promotional clothing to wear. Create and share promotional items that have a long operating life or wide distribution like pens and office supplies that won’t get used up and thrown out in a couple of days. Give away promotional items that have significant value to the recipient.


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