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4 Ways to Work Smart as an Internet Marketer

Updated on October 14, 2016

These major marketing tips will increase your efficiency

When it comes to working online, whether you work hard or not is a personal choice. I would say a lot of internet marketers starting out are very motivated, and ready to work hard to succeed.

However, if you are going to work hard, you also need to work smart. Here are my best suggestions to help you learn how to maximize your effectiveness.

Keep yourself free from distractions

The truth is I often have the TV going on in the background while I am working, but that is mostly because I sit here most of the day writing and working on projects, so it helps to have background noise.

However, if it is distracting you It helps to shut it off for an hour or 2, in order to concentrate. Better yet, if it works best for you just keep work in an area free from any distractions.

I won’t create a whole section about breaks, but they are one way to make sure you are efficient.

As opposed to sitting around all day getting work done at 30% efficiency, work for a few hours at high efficiency and concentration, then take a short break to avoid getting burned out.

The point of this is, if you would rather be doing something else, or just have a lot of work to get done, then get down to business and get it done, then use those distractions when appropriate to actually unwind.

In addition, distractions may happen no matter what, so get good at mindfulness and bringing yourself back from anything that pulls you away from work.

Stay Organized

Once again this is a broad topic, but I will sum it up with a few of my best tips.

Obviously we all know it is smart to save your login information to a notepad file, or an actual hand written file. In internet marketing and any website promotion, you will need plenty of different accounts. I try to use the same e-mail and name as much as possible, and picking a strong password off the bat helps.

Having to have your password or username mailed to you can be a time waster, and some websites do require stronger passwords than others. That’s why picking a good one off the bat keeps it simple, as there are less to remember.

So once again I write this all down, but I take my notepad a step further.

This might just help me because I am scatterbrained, but I have a whole spiral I use (78 cents) and any time I have an idea, or need to organize my priorities, I write it down there.

This helps me to keep a task list of things I want to get done, and write down anything I might not remember. I highly recommend using at least some sort of system like this to stay organized.

Also try to keep your website files, images, and folders organized and named in a way which is easy to navigate, especially if you have multiple projects going. If you are just starting out and building websites, there can be a lot of initial work, so you want to maximize your efficiency.

Be Prepared to not see instant results

You might ask what this has to do with working smarter as opposed to just general advice. For me when I was hungry for quick cash, I found it through CPA spam methods. But most of them were shady, and since I was already addicted to the instant results I never made a real product, or built a real long term website.

Some marketers may start out and get frustrated that they don’t make cash right off the bat, but you must remember it takes time to build any business. In some ways an internet business can grow much faster than a brick-and-mortar one, although these days the best businesses are a hybrid of both.

If you set yourself up good early on, you can end up reaping long term profits while you continue to expand to other traffic methods.

I will cut down to how this can be applied: don’t take on too many projects at once, stick with one or two. With that being said, make sure you are considering both the long term and short term game.

If you have cash to burn, or are just doing this on the side while you work a real job, you have the luxury of being able to put some months in without needing to see results.

Most of the time it doesn’t take that long, on the flip side if you are desperate for quick cash you still need to be considering your long term game plan, such as creating your own products, or just having legit campaigns that won’t get shut down for spam.

Focus your Efforts

This one builds on my earlier point that there are tons of niches, options, traffic sources, and ways to make money out there. In reality you could make bank if you tried them all, but realistically it takes a lot of time to build a website, or find even one good traffic method.

Even if you do get a guide that shows you how to set it up, it can still take time to learn the way internet and affiliate marketing work.

My final recommendation is to take this quest piecemeal, because sometimes looking at the whole picture is overwhelming.

If you know you are going to be doing article marketing, then write a few articles for practice, and see how you can submit them. Once you are satisfied that you have a good system for that, them see how you can do a bit of social media, and so on.

If you have multiple niches to build websites and content for, try to keep the number very low, especially if they are big, competitive niches.

When I say low, I mean one or two, if you have one niche site going, then finish that one before you move on. Once again the initial production phase can be the most work intensive. You can focus on getting one built, then start promoting it.

Make sure you at least start to get some promotion going, but then after that start working on creating more content for your niche, or other stuff you need to produce.

Once you have a couple doing good, then move on to more.

It is better to do a few things well, then to do a bunch of things poorly.

Get out and do it!

My final tip is to get out there and make it happen! Reading and researching is important, especially for a new internet marketer. However, nobody is going to view your website if there is no website, or if the link is not posted anywhere for traffic.

Be prepared, and be informed, but make sure you spend most of your time being productive.

If this guide has piqued your interest and you want the best chance of success, my website has more tutorials such as this

How to Not Suck at Internet Marketing


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