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4 of the Best Heated Work Gloves | Battery Warmed Glove Reviews

Updated on January 22, 2015

Tracking Down the Best Heated Gloves for Work Purposes

Growing up in the north, I gained a real appreciation for anyone who works out in the cold and the elements. It's not easy to suffer through the chill day-in and day-out.

Turns out there are some tricks of the trade. First and foremost, if you're working outside in cold weather, a good pair of heated work gloves will make your life a lot better.

That said, those little disposable heat bags don't cut it. If you're planning to work (or play) in frigid conditions, you want some battery powered heated work gloves; they're the best option for winter comfort.

But where do I find something like that? It's true that most hardware stores don't carry them. Fortunately, there are a number of very good, durable, and warm battery heated gloves within reach, you just have to know what to look for.

This piece is written to help you out! We'll be taking a close look at 4 of the best heated gloves, offering reviews of some good choices. Hopefully you'll find something to suit your needs!


Heated Work Gloves & Liners: Different Types

There are a few different ways to warm up your digits while in the field. Well, three actually.

Chemical: The first, and least effective (in my opinion) is to use pocket warmers, or little bags that create a chemical reaction to produce heat. They don't last very long, and you can't regulate the temperature. They're fine for every now and then, but the serious outdoor worker will tire of paying for them, and I don't highly recommend this option.

Heated Glove Liners: The second option is going the route of the heated glove liner. These are usually intended for use with a motorcycle or ATV, and they hook up to a 12v battery. They can also often be used with a heated jacket system. They're a nice choice, because the third option is a bit pricier. They'll fit under standard work gloves too, which is a really nice thing.

Battery Powered Heated Gloves: The final option (and my personal favourite) is the battery heated work glove. They use an internal battery, usually lithium, to run heat all along your hands. They must be charged, and will last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours. That's usually enough to get you through your work day!

Comfy, battery heated gloves by Venture

If you're after a no-nonsense, comfortable, battery-heated work glove with ease of use, look no further than this set by Venture.

There's a lot to like, but a few features in particular stand out for me. Here they are, in no particular order:

These are some of the best battery heated work gloves for ease of use. There are multiple heat settings, which is a nice thing. There are three heat intensity settings, and each one uses a different amount of juice.

You can switch between the multiple settings with a simple button on the back of the hand. That means you can change the heat with the gloves still on: a major advantage. You can see your current setting with the small LED window on the panel.

The battery life is another advantage. With 2000 mAh (milliamp hours), you can use these heated work gloves for up to 8 hours per charge, depending on your heat intensity.

The heat is distributed evenly across your hand, ideal for promoting circulation where you need it.

The gloves are water resistant and winterproof, with a leather palm that adds extra grip in slippery conditions. They're comfortable on your hands and have long cuffs to provide a seal in wind or snow. They're one of the best heated gloves for work, with excellent reviews.

*They tend to run a bit small in the fingers. Keep that in mind when selecting sizes.

IonGear: A pair of effective and long-lasting battery heated gloves

Whether you're wanting heated winter gloves for work or for play, this set by IonGear is a top contender to consider.

It's a simple setup, without extra wires or cords to mess around with. Everything is integrated and simple to use, and you can pull the battery to recharge it.

Each glove has a built-in lithium polymer battery, that sits in a pouch on the back of the glove. Uniquely, the battery is integrated with the temperature control, so you can adjust the voltage using the transparent plastic 'window' on the cuff. I like that they've stored the battery in the cuff, because you can stash it more safely under your jacket sleeve.

As for warmth, these battery heated gloves provide some of the best heat in this field. The warmth is immediate and envelopes your whole hand. In particular, your fingertips and thumb will feel the warmth. That's nice if you're a snowmobile or ATV driver.

They're one of the cheapest heated battery gloves around, and they do a pretty good job. The gloves themselves are a bit bulky (due to the wiring and battery), and the external material is on the cheap side, not super contoured. They aren't the best gloves if you need to do nimble work, and they're not entirely wind-proof, so they're not the best choice for a motorcycle.

I do like the wrist cinch and sleeve tightener. On the whole, these cheap battery heated gloves by IonGear are a good choice for winter work or play.

Camo heated battery gloves, a top choice for work, hunting or fishing

Made by Gerbing, this is a set of effective, attractive and powerful winter heated gloves, with excellent reviews by customers to boot.

The first thing you'll probably notice: it's camouflaged! They're a hunter's best friend, especially on that damp, dreary day in the hunting blind. If you're not into camo, they also come in black.

They're not just for hunters, though. Fishermen, winter sportsmen, snowmobilers, ATV owners and workers in the field will appreciate everything that these guys have to offer.

The heat runs off of a lithium ion battery, which is fully rechargeable. The batteries last for up to 8 hours, depending on the heat setting. You can get them blasting at up to 135° Fahrenheit, which is pretty darn toasty! The battery sits in a pocket on the cuff.

The shell is micro fleece, and the internal lining is micro poly. There are grip pads on each of the digits as well as the palm, and they're extremely dextrous, perfect if you need to use your hands for more delicate work.

Being fleece, they're not fully waterproof, so you'll want to get a water repelling liner if you're concerned about rain or wet weather.

They're one of the best heated battery powered gloves on the market today, well worth your time to have a look.

Coreheat: An amazing set of heated snow gloves, awesome reviews

Another product by Gerbing (which in case you haven't picked up by now, specializes in heated winter clothing), the Coreheat is a set of battery heated gloves that are perfect for cold winter conditions. They review really well, and I had to include them in my list.

Like the camouflaged gloves previously reviewed, these ones feature extended cuffs, a microprocessor battery with tons of heat potential, and great grip and dexterity.

Unlike the camos, these ones are built for harsher, wetter weather, and they're among the best heated gloves for working in extreme conditions.

They have a waterproof membrane which effectively keeps your fingers dry. They also have a cinch wrist and cuff, so you can keep that warmth inside the glove without it seeping out. A Thinsulate lining makes them warm even without the heat turned on.

The palm is one of the best features of this item. With multiple points of contact and a leather reinforced grip, they let you grab and hold almost anything in slippery conditions. The fingers and thumb are fully articulated, and they don't bunch or constrict as they bend.

The heat is among the best in its class, with rapid warmth that spreads across your entire hand. Like its sibling, the Coreheat gives you multiple power levels, up to 135°, which is a good amount of heat even in very low temperatures.

Because they're leather reinforced and have a good amount of wind protection, they're a great choice as a heated motorcycle glove too. I can think of a dozen great uses for them, in fact.

I like to save the best for last, and as heated winter work gloves go, these are up there.

Bonus Review: Why overspend, when you can buy a battery heated glove liner?

If you're hoping to find a heated glove liner that is compatible with any kind of work glove you already own, I wanted to provide you with an option here.

Liners don't often include much. They usually won't have batteries or wiring harnesses, and you'll have to buy all that stuff separately. (They're usually built for motorcycle riders who have a 12v battery to plug into already.) Fortunately, with this set, you get everything you need to plug and go, including the battery!

Like many of the items already reviewed here, these heated glove liners have a battery pack that fits into a cuff, with a one-touch temperature control system. They're low-bulk, so you can slip them inside a larger pair of gloves and work away.

It's a spandex type material that is quite thin, so you should have issues unless your current gloves are quite snug.

Worried about wear and tear? These liners are a fantastic choice if your work is quite hard on your hands, and you're worried about tearing up your fancy new purchase and wasting money. Let that cheap pair of rawhides take the beating, save the heated liner to live another day!

They spread heat evenly across your fingers and thumb, and they're a nice addition to motorcycle, ATV or hunting gear.

So which heated work glove is the best choice?

The best glove for you is the one that keeps your hands warm while making your work fairly easy to accomplish.

If you're in a profession that requires a lot of hard manual labour, I'd recommend you opt for a liner that has an included battery and heater, and use that inside of a pair of durable work gloves that you don't mind ruining.

If your work is less intense on your hands, or if you're hunting for something that's effective for play as well as work, I'd go for a full on integrated battery warmed glove set. Once you have them, you'll end up using them!

Do a mental checklist of the tasks required in your day-to-day work. Then look at the glove you like the most. If it meets most of the checkboxes, you've probably found a good match!

Thanks for reading!

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Questions or clarifications? I'd love to hear them!

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    • profile image

      Mahrya 12 months ago

      My husband builds trusses so he works with wood and is outside all day and it gets very cold are they good with working with wood

    • profile image

      Emil 23 months ago

      I would like to know, what gloves are heated but not too bulky for my wife to use for cold day driving. Soft, with good dexterity for first 15 minutes of cold car. She has an arthritis in her fingers.

    • Work Wear Guy profile image

      Bob 2 years ago from Canada

      No, I have heard of and seen Alphaheat Gloves, but I do not have any personal experience with them.

    • profile image

      Justin 2 years ago

      Have you tried any AlphaHeat Gloves?

    • Work Wear Guy profile image

      Bob 3 years ago from Canada

      Sorry it wasn't clear in the text, I thought the brand name of "Venture" found in the product description in the link was enough.

      Your point is duly noted for future use.

    • profile image

      Brad 3 years ago

      So, are you going to bother to tell us the brand name of the heated liners that you're raving about, or did you want to keep that a secret?