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4 Must Do Steps When Preparing For a Job Interview Involving "Good" Old Days

Updated on July 27, 2017

In today’s world of recession it has become of utmost importance to hold on to any opportunity to earn the necessary bread and butter; one cannot afford in today’s world to make a mistake. It takes months of sweat to achieve the sort of job one is looking for, each opportunity needs to be capitalized and thoroughly taken advantage of.

When one receives a call for interview from a coveted employer, the momentary feeling is of elatedness and excitement which slowly dissolves into apprehension and anxiety. Nervousness grows everyday as the date for the interview looms closer. One can make a fair attempt at preparation for the interview when the date is at least a few days away, but those interviews for which you are called at a very short notice like a gap of just a day can be nerve racking.

Some people make this feat even more difficult by tightening the deadline; they seem to care about the upcoming interview at the last moment. It is always convenient to ready and align oneself to the task as soon as possible. Start early to avoid the late interview blues.

1. Scan Your CV

Always do take some time to have a look at your CV, commit to memory enough of the details of your work experience so that when questions about your experience are asked, the answers are on the tip of the tongue. Some employers do ask questions about the projects which spark their curiosity such as the industry to which a certain client belongs, if you give an answer which was other than documented, this can very well damage your credibility. It is highly important to get the basic questions about your work experience right, there is little margin for error on this one. Some employers tend to ask intricate questions, such as the facts and figures of certain clients or projects, do try to remind yourself of the basic numbers. These intricate details can be forgotten, these should not completely ruin your chances, but answering them with aplomb will definitely have you in the money.

2. Do Some background Check on the Prospective Employer

The prospective employer expects you to know something about them. Try to look for information about the organization, use your favorite search engine as the basic step. The short way can be examining the domain name in the email address through which you applied for the job, this should indicate the name of the website. If a website is available, commit to memory at least the following details:

• The objectives of the organization

• The business of the organization

• The holding, whether the company is a multinational or a local company, a public or a private company

The above details should suffice once posed with the question; “What do you know about the organization?” Learning as much about the prospective employer can be beneficial but those who are preparing for the interview on a short notice, the above information should be more than enough. If no website is available, maybe one of your previous colleagues may have heard about the organization, you could send some of them an email concerning the query. Other than that the job must have been advertised somewhere, the advertisement should contain some of the above information. You must have the phone number, call the organization and ask for information from suitable personnel. Worse comes to worse, if the organization is small the question can very well be answered keeping the situation at hand, mentioning that no information is publicly available and you did make an effort to learn.

3. Prepare for the Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Prepare for general questions asked about strengths, weaknesses and your personality. The typical ones being

• Describe yourself?

• What are your strengths?

• What are your weaknesses?

• Where do you see yourself "a certain years" from now?

Information about how to tackle such questions should not be difficult to find; the internet is saturated with websites catering to this part of the preparation. These questions are asked nearly in all the interviews, this preparation should be helpful in all the interviews to come. One such website which has helped me into giving a successful interview is:

Many job interviews require knowledge of academic literature, it should be best for people in such fields to make sure they prepare as much as possible of the literature relevant to the job description; for those on a very short notice should at go through the recent changes and developments.

4. Build Confidence

It is of utmost importance to build your confidence and inspire confidence; let people know through verbal and non-verbal communication that you want the job and you are ready and fit for it. Stress handling techniques should be to prepare oneself as thoroughly for interview as possible as stress attacks those who have fear of mal-performing at the interview, rehearsing the answers which you have prepared and breathing exercises at the venue and the last moment.

Identify the point which is your strongest in the light of the job description (do make a point to learn about what is required of this job), such as years of experience in the top most firm; repeat this point as often as you can to yourself to eradicate stress and during the interview to your prospective employer at every possible opportunity so as to leave the point echoing in their minds. Keep reminding yourself that you are good enough for the job and that you may have an edge over other candidates because of your strongest point.

Posture at the interview is of utmost importance, do not hunch; sit in an upright attentive posture. Do smile; it creates a happy conducive environment. Dress to impress; identify and ready the dress you plan to wear.

The above are the most basic important things one should consider before giving an all important interview. This is not a complete list; the more intensely you prepare and more intricacies you address, the more the chances that you will shine at the venue, provided that stress is maintained to the level which is conducive to the whole process.


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    • Teylina profile image

      Teylina 6 years ago

      So much advice on interviews out there, but I have to vote this up. Last couple of paras are very well-spoken. Succinct but friendly--great advice.