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4 surefire ways to increase your productivity in the internet

Updated on November 13, 2014
internet productivity
internet productivity | Source

The gigantic internet is a busy place that when we become dissolved, we tend to forget our time and managing our productivity becomes one big thing.

We do lots of things in the internet, we constantly have multiple tabs open, one for Facebook, the other for twitter and the next one holding our emails. If you have being struggling of not being productive in the internet, then you’ve come to the right place.

Here in this post, I’ll highlight some of the surefire ways that helped me increase my productivity in the internet.

And here we go.

1- The golden rule

social media and productivtiy
social media and productivtiy | Source

This is one of my best secrets so listen to me because this is very important. I call it the “golden rule”.

It states that “you must have only at most 3 tabs opened in your browser”.

As time goes on, I start tricking this rule. Guess what I’ll do? I’ll open Firefox and chrome at the same time and therefore having more than 3 tabs.

Then I realize updating it this way may help, the complete rule now states that “you only have one browser opened and only 3 tabs at most”. Those three tabs, forget about your personality and pick 3 sites you want to visit that are more worthy, finish with them, and then head to another 3 sites. This is called “work smartly not hardly”.

This will make you focus on fewer tasks and therefore your productivity boosts!!!

I believe if you stick to this rule the way I do, you will be amazed at how much you will improve.

2- Plan your time ahead

By saying ahead, I mean before you start surfing because this is the only way you won’t be selfish.

What you need to do here is see how much time sites like social networking sites should or ought to consume in your entire browsing session.

Try to restrict yourself from social sites and some unworthy sites or if you are doing some kind of business online, you’ll find social networking as part of your marketing, I’ll discuss how to be productive at social network in an upcoming post.

Stick to your time rule and see how your productivity will count!!

3- Use to do list and note apps

to do list apps
to do list apps | Source

You won’t know when you want to do another thing online. Instead of doing it right away, jot it down as your “to do” for the next internet session.

Or you know, ideas keep coming anytime. So, better use to do list apps to capture those ideas otherwise, you’ll miss a lot. If you use chrome, you’d be good riding with Google keep, an offline web app.

4- Use web apps

You know why? I will tell. From one of my experiments, I found out that I’m more productive when using Google docs to edit my documents than ms-word.

This is because ms-word distracts me with some interface elements I don’t need whereas docs is such a simple word processor. This is the nature of web apps. They are simpler to use.

Lastly, let me know if this works for you or does not.

Please do share if you find this valuable.


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