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4 Ways to Earn Money with Yout Website

Updated on January 11, 2016

1. Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs is one of the best ways to earn money with your website. Otherwise referred to as Referral Programs, these programs pay based on referrals that you invite to the program. The program is based on affiliate links or gateways which are generated once you sign up to the program. Your affiliate link is your recruiting gateway which you upload to your website or post on social media for potential affiliates. A good example of an affiliate program is Wealthy Affiliate. WA provides training and gives directions as to how you can go about recruiting affiliates in order for you to earn commissions. Wealthy Affiliate's in-house training is second to none. You will be thought how to create your own website, writing out content for your site and how to market your website. Place referral link to your website and you are off. All you do now is maintain your website to ensure it is search engine optimized to ensure traffic to your website.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Programs

Discussed below are some pros and cons of Affiliate programs


  • Free to sign up (some you have to upgrade to premium by paying a fee to make use of some features of the program)
  • No or minimum marketing skills required (you are trained once you become a member).
  • Multiple areas of income (once you acquire skills you can venture into other programs to earn money).
  • Automatic income generation (once you make sale, payment is automatically paid your affiliate account - which is then disbursed to you).


  • Pays only on sale (no sale = no commission)
  • Competition is very high

2. Pay per Click Ads

CPC ads are popular with Google AdSense. Once you have created your website and you have content on your site, you can created an account with Google AdSense. Believe me when I say that Google is very strict on this because you have to prove to Google that your website is worth the money. They have very strict guidelines on their AdSense program. Googlebot will crawl your site to ensure that it exists, check for actual impressions and quality content before approval.

Moving forward. This is how it works. Once your AdSense Account is approved by Google, you will place ads on your website. These ads are from companies that have an account with Google's AdSense Program. You will decide where to place the ads on your website and Google and place them for you. The monetary value of the ads comes into play when visitors on website click on the ads. A click by a visitor to your website results in money into your pocket.

Looks very easy earning money from clicks right? Not just yet. There are two rules that Google enforces on all its AdSense Account holders.

  1. Website owners are NOT allowed to click on the ads even to just test them.
  2. Website owners are NOT allowed to engage Third party click on the ads.

When you are applying for your Google AdSense Account, Google records all your information. Your IP address, your location, Country and Which part of the World you are in. All the clicks on the Ads placed on your site are recorded and verified. In any case that Google finds that you are clicking the ads on your site or there are too many unnecessary clicks on the ads, you might end up losing your AdSense Account for good!

Pros and Cons

Let's look at a few pros and cons of Cost per click ads


  • Earns on clicks. Even though the potential customer does not buy the product.
  • Automatic Sales. Clicks are all accounted for monetized into your AdSense account.
  • No marketing skills required. Only your website and quality content to attract traffic.
  • Google selects the Ads on your site to ensure it is relevant to your website content.


  • Long wait to get paid (especially for small websites to reach minimum threshold amount).
  • Big ads may be unpleasant for site visitors. (might put off some)


3. Pay per Impression

This is counter part to the Pay per click program but in this program advertisers routinely pay for the number of times their ads appearing on certain pages or websites. The website owner receives payment for impressions even though the ad is not clicked. A page or website may carry a number of ads from an advertiser, so if a visitor visits that particular page he makes an impression on all ads. To guard against fraud, an adserver monitors all impressions and may exclude other non-qualifying impressions such as page refreshes and other user activities. The program which is basically known as CPM, or Cost per Thousand Impressions, pays on a per thousand impressions rate. For an example: 1000 impressions = $1.00. That's just for an example but advertisers have different rates for their ads.

Pros and Cons


  • Revenue (good for big website and a lot traffic)
  • Residual income (Earn on work you have done once and just maintaining it every now and then).
  • Paid on impressions (even without clicks)


  • Big Ads - may be unpleasant for some visitors
  • Revenue depends on a lot of visitors - if no visitors no impressions

If you have a large website with a lot of traffic, this is good way to earn an income online. It all depends on the words and key words that you have used in your content that Google brings out your site as a search result when potential visitors to your site use Google Search.

4. Infolinks

Infolinks is an advertising platform. It gives publishers, advertisers and brands the opportunity to advertise. Just like Google's AdSense, Infolinks helps advertisers to place their ads on websites. To monetize your website with Infolinks, you have to have a website. Go to the Infolinks website, create and account and submit your website URL for approval.

When your account is activated, you will be notified via email and an ad will be placed on your website and you can start earning. The best thing about their ads is that they deliver various advertising products like intext, inframe and intag. These products eliminate the banner blindness for visitors to your site.

Pros and Cons


  • Approval for an Infolink account is easy compared to AdSense
  • No specific spaces required for ads. Infolink places ads in relation to key words on your site and links a suitable ad to the key word.
  • Withdrawal of funds is easy. Payment options are: PayPal, bank wire transfer and Western Union to name a few.


  • Not suitable for first time web designers - need to have quality content in order to place ads.
  • Revenue depends on a lot of traffic. No traffic no revenue.

These are the four ways that you can monetize your website. I have not placed them in any order or preference as they are. You can prioritize according to your liking.



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