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43 Valuable Tips for Choosing the Right SEO Company You Need to Know.

Updated on July 25, 2017


Everyone is talking about SEO. If you want a solid online presence for your business, you should not overlook this area. Let us begin with simple statistics. Any idea of the number of blog posts published every day.

Over 2 million.

This means the web has become a very competitive platform. Being able to stand out from the crowd is not easy. Statistics show that over 90% of the online experience starts with a search engine. Ranking on the first page of a search engine is very crucial when establishing an online presence.

This is where a Professional SEO company comes in. Finding the right one can be hectic but it makes the whole difference when it comes to traffic and quality scores.

Below are some factors to consider before hiring a SEO Company:

“SEO isn’t about gaming the system anymore; it’s about learning how to play by the rules.”

Itemization of services:

It is important that your ideal SEO Company provides an in-depth analysis of what they are going to do. Here is what to look for:

1. The exact services you expect from that company.

2. The frequency of each service or plan.

3. The strategies in place to improve your rankings.

4. Hours expected per month for each service.

5. The pages for the website to be optimized initially.

6. The pages for the website to be optimized on an ongoing basis.

7. The number of landing pages that will be created each month.

8. The number of internal and external articles required each month.

9. The number of backlinks expected each month.

10. The amount of time that will be dedicated to campaign analysis and reporting.

SEO principles and values
SEO principles and values | Source

Content Optimization:

This makes it easier for search engines to find your content.

Content optimization takes into account the title, summary description, keyword research and content flow. At this point, be sure to cover the following:

11. Whether they create new copy or use the existing content.

12. Whether they create new landing pages as part of the contract.

13. The type of links they build and how.

14. The estimated number of new links expected in a month.

15. What do they know about Google Penguin and the quality of backlinks?

16. How they will find broken links and measures to fix them.

17. The basis for keyword selection.

18. Their understanding of high-quality links needed to improve your ranking.

19. Their understanding of low-quality links that lead to penalization.

Google Ranking Factors to Consider

White hat Vs. Black hat SEO:

There are two forces of SEO. Beware of internet marketing firms that will use black hat SEO techniques to get easy cash from you. The following tips will help you know if a firm is using either black or white hat SEO strategies:

Black Hat SEO.
White Hat SEO.
Provide duplicate content.
Provide relevant and unique content
Use invisible text and stuff keywords
Uses keywords where necessary.
Redirect users to links with non-relevant content.
Use relevant links.
Do not comply with HTML standards
Complies with HTML standards
Comparison of black hat and white at SEO techniques

“If there is a link selling site and they get caught for selling links, and they just happen to be linking to you, the value of that link that the site was providing, it just goes away.”

— Matt Cutts

On-page vs. Off-page SEO:

On-page and Off-page SEO involves variables used by Google to rank a page.

On-page SEO factors are determined by directly looking at the page you want to optimize. Some of these include headlines, content and page structure.

Off-page SEO is all the variables determined by other sources. Some of these include other blogs in your industry and social networks.

When it comes to On-page SEO, the following factors should be considered:

24. Investing in great content that is compelling and engaging.

25. Appropriate keyword researching

26. Enhancing the freshness of content by updating it.

27. Appropriate HTML standards in titles, Meta descriptions, sub headings and site design.

28. Content is mobile friendly since now most people are using smartphones to access information.

Before the inception of the Google Panda and Penguins, some popular tactics were used to manipulate Google algorithms. They included the use of hidden links, keyword stuffing, use of link building software, buying links, manipulating of SEO to get ranks, blog spamming and article spinning among others.

For Off-page SEO put the following factors into consideration:

29. Have quality backlinks that have earned trust through page rank.

30. Ability to link to pages with authority and identity.

31. Ensure linking with relevant sites

32. Ensure you have social media presence

33. Brings personalization aspect to suit the given city and country.

To protect yourself from falling into scams, have some basic knowledge about SEO and how it works.

How to Improve your Google Ranking

Company credibility:

You need to consider the following factors before giving that professional SEO company the go ahead:

34. If it is possible, meet with the company SEO team.

35. Check whether the company has social proof by looking at some of their case studies.

36. Determine if the company has a network of resources relevant to the SEO industry.

37. Determine whether the company has qualified SEO writers by looking at samples of their work.

38. Determine if the company could be working with any of your competitors.


SEO is a race, not a sprint

Questions to Ask:

After you have established your best SEO Company. Ask the following questions:

39. How much time will be needed for your in-house team?

40. How often will you have your meetings?

41. What sort of ranking increase is expected?

42. How often will they be sending the progress reports?

43. How will they receive feedback from customers?

Have these answers put in a clause and determine a procedure for it. It is also important to include how to address any legal redress.

Your online presence can either make or kill your business. Do not allow fake companies that promise to deliver heaven disappear with your hard-earned money.

If you have any other additional factors, feel free to share them in the comments section below. I will be more than happy to add it to the tips.

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