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48 Ways to Earn Extra Money in 2015

Updated on January 9, 2015

Ways That You Can Earn Extra Money in Your Spare Time - Earn Additional Cash!

Earning extra cash is something we all need to do in today's economy. The trick to finding that perfect second income is to find something you love that's in demand. Need some ideas to get started? Listed below are 48 ways that you can earn extra money in your spare time, from becoming a house painter to being a personal trainer. There are hundreds of ways that you can earn extra money, like part time incomes, work at home opportunities, being your own boss, car detailing, trades, coaching, tutoring, web marketing, landscaping and photography. This page is a compilation of 48 of them to get you started.

Do you already have experience with starting your own business, earning side income? We'd like to hear from you! What has worked for you as a side income, or a full time income? What tips do you have for starting your own business on the side?

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Ways to Start Earning Extra Money - Start earning extra money through work at home opportunities, side businesses, and fun part time jobs

What's Working in 2014

Earning money in 2014 is going to be a little different from 2013, 2011 and 2012, as people shift their buying habits towards even more electronics, and the real estate market revs to make a (very slight) improvement from the previous year. What does this mean for you? People are going to be spending a little bit more if the economy continues to recover ever-so-slowly, with probably an emphasis on internet, searching for new homes, replacing old technology, replacing old household items, and just a little bit more spending cash they can use for non-essentials. That's good news for anyone looking to make extra money! Here are some ideas updated for 2014 that you can use to increase your income, starting today:

1. Join a direct sales company. These companies are perfect for Moms who would like to work from home, and are largely commission based. Many work on the premise of the home party method.

2. Deliver newspapers. You don't have to ride around on your bike, some papers have truck drivers that deliver newspapers, or you can use your own car. Choose a route nearest to you and you might not have to drive too far.

3. Become a photographer. If you're already handy with a camera, why not use your skill to make you some extra money on the side? People are always in the need of family photos, wedding photos, and baby photos. Here's a guide to get started with photography if you're just starting out.

4. Start blogging about what you know. There's a place for every area of expertise in the world of blogging. If you're an expert at something, no matter how obscure or trivial, people want to know about it. Advertisements, recommended products, and maybe even your own product can fund your blogging and bring in a profit.

5. Learn to sell on Ebay. Not everyone is internet savvy. You can make some excellent side income by selling other people's stuff for them, while you earn a commission. If you'd rather sell your own stuff, you can always find things to sell on Ebay here.

6. Cook extra during the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, family events and birthdays are all events people need food for, but might be strapped on time to make it. Starting your own home based bakery business on the side can yield some great profits!

7. Become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketers can earn a commission by advertising for companies on the internet, big and small. It all depends on how creative you are with your content and marketing techniques. If you're a good writer, this might be a good job for you.

8. Learn calligraphy and sell your services. It's still a popular choice to have wedding invitations hand written with beautiful calligraphy. Market your site/business on the Facebook, Google Plus, and by email campaign and you could get some clients from all over.

9. Take advantage of your artistic talents. Machines will never be able to replace artwork. Market yourself as a portrait painter, photo touch up artist, sculptor (sculpt their pets!), mural artist, or landscape painter. The possibilities are endless. To advertise your work, try this page on free advertising to get started networking and marketing.

10. Join a focus group. Focus groups are simple and fun ways to provide valuable feedback about products that you use or have sampled to companies. They are often short, but pay well for the short amount of time.

11. Clean other people's homes. With a few household cleaners and a lot of elbow grease, you can make a great side income (or full time income if you have a big client base) with your cleaning business. You can even start a green cleaning business using eco friendly cleaning products.

12. Become a business consultant. Like blogging, people are always looking for your expertise with consulting. Offering consultations to improve their business, making their business up to certain code, or to making it more attractive to customers can boost their visibility and spread the word about their business.

Start Your Own Business - Become an Entrepreneur with this well reviewed guide

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Start Your Own Business (Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need)
Start Your Own Business (Start Your Own Business: The Only Start-Up Book You'll Ever Need)


* How to pinpoint your target market

* Effective selling techniques, branding

* Creative finance techniques

* Simplifying startup with the internet

* Recommended small business friendly banks and startup resources


More Ways to Earn Extra Money - Earn a part time income through these ideas

13. Be a pet sitter or dog walker. If you're an animal lover, this is perfect for you. People get busier and busier nowadays and need someone to give those essential walks in for their beloved pets. Are you up for it?

14. Become an interior decorator. If you have a knack for decorating your home, you probably have a knack for decorating other people's homes, too. That's a talent, and people are willing to pay for it.

15. Scan Craigslist and online posting sites for jobs. Sometimes the perfect part time job is something obscure posted online. It doesn't hurt to scan Craigslist and see for yourself if the jobs section has something you'd like to do.

16. Become a landscape designer. Or, just become a landscaper. If you love the outdoors, there's no other job where you'll be in the fresh air more than landscaping.

17. Become a snowplow driver. Yes, snow plow drivers have hectic schedules in the storms, but they are rewarded handsomely for their work. Work some late nights during snowstorms and get some extra use out of your truck by investing in a plow, and start earning a nice winter side income. Keep in mind, however, the high cost of insurance, building a client base, and the chance of no snow (which means no income).

18. Teach what you know. Become a teacher and start teaching to adults or kids. If you're good at typing, teach a keyboarding class. If you're a great basketball player, coach a team. If you're a great photographer, earn money teaching people your skills.

19. Turn your knowledge into an ebook. Writing an ebook is like writing a book. It needs to be launched, marketed, researched, useful, and well written. It has to provide value. If you're chock full of ideas and up to the task, maybe writing an ebook could be for you.

20. Become a search engine optimization expert. More and more advertisers are turning to the internet to do their marketing and advertising. With this new wave of businesses looking for ways to increase their presence on the web comes a need for search engine marketers and SEO experts. SEO is a constantly changing field, but if you know some of the basics and stay updated, you can help businesses by offering your expertise. Build pages for them, build websites, critique their websites, or offer a whole consultation plan.

21. Translate what you've learned at your full time job into a part time job, too. If you've learned a skill at your current job and you've been doing it for a while, then it's probably safe to say one of your biggest skills that's worth the most is your profession. Get a similar part time job doing the same thing, or something similar. Accountants, prepare taxes on the side. Advertisers, create advertisements for local businesses, and

22. Become a painter on the weekends. People always need the outdoors and inside of their home painted.

23. Join a band. Performing as a live musician can be one of the most rewarding ways to play music (and with downloading on the rise, one of the most profitable). Join a band, or use your musical talent by playing piano at restaurants.

24. Become a book reviewer. Being a book reviewer is an awesome job. Read new books, learn, and get paid to tell people about the book you just read (along with your thoughts on the book).

25. Offer up your animal caretaking services for fish, ferrets, turtles, cats, and dogs. Long term care for pets can be a problem for some people who need to travel, or would just like to take a vacation. If you're good with animals, taking care of other people's animals can earn you some easy money, and might be a lot of fun.

Working For Yourself vs. Someone Else - Which do you prefer?

Would you prefer to be your own boss, or would you rather not have the headaches that come along with being a boss?

There aren't many responses from the "I'd rather work for myself" column, so we'd love to hear from people who love their job, and why it's important!

Would you rather work for yourself or someone else?

I'd rather be working for myself because...

I'd rather be working for myself because...

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    • constantinamuston 3 years ago

      I like freedom!

    • LauraCarExpert 4 years ago

      You don't have to answer to anyone else......but then again you can always be your toughest boss

    • oooMARSooo LM 4 years ago

      I've worked for myself since 2005, and my income is entirely based on my own efforts. It feels good to be self-sufficient, but I actually have been looking around at my options lately... it may be time to get back into the corporate world...

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I don't have to answer to anybody if I work for myself

    • BowWowBear 4 years ago

      I would like some schedule flexibility. I don't want to miss all the near future events my son will be participating in.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I will always remember the acronym for JOB.

      Just Over Broke.

      I would rather work for myself.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Working for yourself means that you determine how much you can make, rather than having your pay (and your worth) determined by someone else, often some group of bean-counters in an office somewhere who view employees as a liability rather than an asset.

    • thesuccesslifecoach 4 years ago

      i can be more creative in what i do and be flexible with working hours

    • LifeAhead 4 years ago

      I've been a self-employed freelancer for over twenty-five years and I wouldn't have it any other way. There are times when it's feast of famine, but if you're creative, adaptable and motivated the freedom and flexibility can't be beat.

    • zlatko07 4 years ago

      It is much better to work for yourself because you are your own boss.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      It'd be nice not have to answer to anyone, set your own hours, and work on something that interests you the most.

    • vinopete 4 years ago

      Be my own boss! I love to work from home by myself so this is ideal. Thanks.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I'd rather work for myself, but I'd have to learn to be a little better boss.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I'd rather work for myself,WHY? The answer is simple to establish a line of wealth that runs deep through my generations of children vs. making my(an) employer richer!

    • JakeRandall 4 years ago

      Can't beat setting your own hours; plus I want to work for my dream, not somebody elses.

    • myoyster1957 4 years ago

      Why would I want to make somebody else money when I can make it for myself.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      I worked for a corporation for 27 years and then was downsized at age 50. Panic set in but I then realized that I had a skill set that others wanted to pay for, at least on a part time basis. I worked for myself for over 15 years and wouldn't have it any other way.

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      do the research meaning on the company and people you might work with. either way you'd end up with some extra funds. and who doesn't need that!

    • internetsuc6 4 years ago

      i believe that you always have to work for yourself

    • anonymous 4 years ago

      Myself...hands down...I am eternal optimist, everything I try I believe with all my heart will be"the one"...has not worked yet, however, I am never bored.

    I'd rather work for someone else! Here's why...

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      • worldrevivalnet 4 years ago

        It depends on what you want to do with your life. You can always work for someone else and yourself.

      • Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

        I work for myself all my life, but in reality we all work for somebody else. This lens, for example was made for visitors.

      • Anthony Godinho 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        Depending on how flexible one is and what the person's situation is, working for someone else provides the regular income required to run a household. I'd say if one is new, but has the drive to work for oneself, use to opportunity while working for someone else to start off and then gradually transition.

      • pyngthyngs 5 years ago

        I've done both. Sometimes being accountable to someone else is what you need to get things done. I do miss working for myself though...

      • redleafloans 5 years ago

        I guess working for yourself would be better if you really know what you're doing. If you're just starting out with your own business, I'd recommend working for someone else first while you're working on it. Having a job related to your business would also help you in the learning process.

      26. Have a Yard Sale. Nothing feels better than getting rid of old junk and getting paid for it. Make the home of free of clutter, and have some extra money for whatever you need or want.

      27. Sell on Zazzle. Designing t-shirts, mousepads, mugs, ties, apparel, stickers and calendars is as easy as having your own computer and photo editing program, along with a creative spark.

      28. Take your expertise to is looking for professional people that want to share their experiences and knowledge with the world, and they're willing to pay you for your time. Pick a subject, fill out a resume, and get started.

      29. Start a blog, or write on Hubpages. Here on Hubpages, you can write a page about anything. If it gets enough traffic and interest, you could see a monthly payout. In addition, you can earn money through affiliate products through Amazon and Ebay. Writing on your own blog may afford you more freedom and allow you the option to use other affiliates. Don't forget about the alternatives out there, where you can crosslink your own content even more, like Zujava.

      30. Make wedding centerpieces. People want their weddings to be special, and they want the perfect wedding centerpieces for their tables. Handmade ones are even better. If you can make special wedding centerpieces, start marketing yourself and creating a portfolio. With some hard work and dedication, this side business could grow like wildfire.

      31. Make gift baskets. Big companies, husbands, wives, relatives and friends all want gift baskets to give to people for a number of occasions. Gather together a group of unique gifts presented well and you'll make an impression that will lead to more business and referrals.

      32. Wash and detail cars. Washing and detailing cars can be a great business that people will spend money on. You can also make your own hours and be outside, as long as you're willing to put in the hours.

      33. Become a sports umpire, coach, or trainer. When kids play sports, a number of adults are needed to offer their time

      34. Learn a trade. Learning a trade can not only be a valuable side job, but can be a full time career. Plumbing, carpentry, HVAC, there are many to choose from.

      35. Learn to refinish furniture. This is perfect if you are looking to make your own hours. To further specialize your technique, try offering non toxic finishes, an in demand field.

      Make Your Own Hours with These Ways to Increase Your Income - Be your own boss, make your own schedule

      36. Become an aerobics instructor. Who knows, you might even be able to cancel your gym membership and get paid on top of it.

      37. Offer up a room for rent, or an attic, cellar or in-law apartment. This can substantially boost your monthly income (if you find the right tenant).

      38. Make money babysitting. A great job for teens, but a great job for work at home moms, too.

      39. Use your connections and start a referral based side business. Are you the type of person who loves to talk, network, and has a ton of friends? Use those connections to start generating business for other people by generating leads. Mention your idea to business owners that you know and see what comes of it. Typical commissions range from 10% and up.

      40. Sell your handmade crafts. Crafters can make a living online through Etsy, which is a gathering of crafters selling their stuff in the online marketplace there. Scrapbookers, photos, food and all things handmade can be sold here.

      41. Tutor someone. If you're a student in college, this is a great way to make extra money. If you're a teacher, this is an easy side income. If you're knowledgeable about any particular subject, you can tutor that subject.

      42. Learn how to DJ. DJs can make big money today and gain reputations fast if they're good.

      43. Go in on a low capital business with someone you trust. Have you been discussing started a business with someone for a long time? Why not start just by doing it part time to start, with little investment?

      44. Write a book, publish it on Lulu. Lulu makes it easy to self publish your own book and sell it anywhere online with their easy to use templates. Just write the content, and Lulu takes care of the order fulfillment (while taking their cut).

      45. Become a personal trainer. Exercise doesn't come naturally to a lot of people, and neither do operating the heavy machinery found in gyms. Help them out and become a personal trainer, while motivating them to get in shape.

      46. Become a wedding consultant. Some people are great party planners. Weddings are the ultimate party, with billions of dollars being spent every year on these grand occasions. If you can organize the wedding of their dreams, you can get paid.

      47. Make money becoming a secret shopper. Secret shoppers have fun with their work, and can get paid for their time. These mystery shoppers will review places and have to follow a certain criteria provided by they company.

      48. Fix people's computers. A computer technician will always have work as long as we keep using computers. Right now, I know I'm powerless to my PC as I type this. If it dies, I'm calling a computer technician to get it fixed because I have no idea on how to fix it.

      About the Author:

      The author of this page is a t-shirt designer (which makes him a little bit of money), a blogger, was once an avid traveler, and is also a writer here on Hubpages.

      How do you earn an extra income? Do you have some ideas that you think could benefit other people? What's been most successful for you, or the least successful? Tell us about your experiences here!

      © 2010 Kiwisoutback

      Have Any More Ideas on How to Earn Some Extra Income? - Tell us what you do for extra money!

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        • profile image

          RinchenChodron 7 years ago

          Yes you can sell Young Living Essential Oils Very informative lens. Thanks

        • journey103 profile image

          journey103 7 years ago from USA

          I do a lot of things to earn extra money, but an eBay one day auction sems to bring in money the fastest! Great Lense...5 Stars!

        • profile image

          totalhealth 7 years ago

          there are lots of ways that we could earn extra money. we just have to be creative or be resourceful enough to look for ways on how we can earn.

        • indigoj profile image

          Indigo Janson 7 years ago from UK

          Excellent ideas! My favourites are Squidoo (of course) and Zazzle, but affiliate marketing is also worth a try. And there are some excellent options here for people who don't want to be tied to a computer.

        • profile image

          thinkmoney 6 years ago

          Nice post Very Informative thanks for sharing with us I really appreciate :-)

        • Susan300 profile image

          Susan300 6 years ago

          Lots of great ideas! :)

        • profile image

          WorldVisionary 6 years ago

          Lots of great information for people looking to make a little extra...blessed by a Squid Angel

        • profile image

          univers 6 years ago

          This an very detailed lens and useful too, i like it.

        • franstan lm profile image

          franstan lm 6 years ago

          I love this lens

        • profile image

          TomDunn 6 years ago

          Very useful lens - Gonna have to try a few of these.

        • cbjones profile image

          cbjones 6 years ago

          awesome advice. showing that a little cleverness will go a long way when it comes to generating income.

        • profile image

          redleafloans 5 years ago

          Thanks for the awesome tips! This is very helpful especially today. We need to find more ways to save in order to enjoy the future.

        • profile image

          julieannbrady 5 years ago

          Some excellent tips for earning extra income!

        • qasimalhammad profile image

          qasimalhammad 5 years ago

          Thank you so much for all these tips, great list with lots of new ideas that I have never thought of.

        • profile image

          shishuworld 5 years ago

          Nice lens.. great ideas.. I have recently launched my own website and just discovered Squidoo.. hopefully will be able to earn some decent income sometime soon.. :)

        • ajgodinho profile image

          Anthony Godinho 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

          You've got so many great ideas here to help people make an extra income which most of us can use in today's world. I enjoy working from home and use various avenues some of which you've listed on this lens. I also trade in the stock markets which essentially I enjoy as a hobby (technical analysis) through which I manage my own retirement and trading accounts. Thanks for sharing all these ideas...much success and stay blessed! :)

        • TonyPayne profile image

          Tony Payne 5 years ago from Southampton, UK

          Great list of ideas, there must be something here to suit just about everyone. Nicely done, blessed.

        • profile image

          DotComBusted 5 years ago

          Good informative lens

        • profile image

          sachinkukale 5 years ago

          Thanks for sharing these imp tips.Might help all the people to earn some extra income.

        • profile image

          sachinkukale 5 years ago

          Thanks for sharing these imp tips.Might help all the people to earn some extra income.

        • futurefocus57 profile image

          futurefocus57 5 years ago

          Thank you...always need ideas.

        • DogWatchColumbus profile image

          DogWatchColumbus 5 years ago

          Simply fabulous ideas! Great lens!!!

        • Wednesday-Elf profile image

          Wednesday-Elf 5 years ago from Savannah, Georgia

          I write on Squidoo and I sell my crochet crafts on Etsy and a few craft -related items on eBay. Been doing Etsy the longest, so that's my most successful to date. Working on the others. :-).

        • best-writter profile image

          best-writter 5 years ago

          Very detailed lens. You pointed all possible ways of earning money online.

        • Lareene profile image

          Lareene 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA

          Joining a band and becoming a book reviewer would suit me perfectly thanks for the tips.

        • profile image

          oakstreet 5 years ago

          Great information on this len and I still remember when I was a paper deliver in my college age. it was just easy and fun as well. Not a big money way, but some extra money which is good for another meal. Great len and I "like" it.

        • mihgasper profile image

          Miha Gasper 5 years ago from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU

          A lot of great ideas, thanks for some remainders!

        • profile image

          dream1983 4 years ago

          Fantastic lens, great job!Squidlike

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I've been searching everywhere for some real advice! Thanks for all of the info, extremely helpful.

        • BlackSunflowerB profile image

          BlackSunflowerB 4 years ago

          I make extra money by selling on Etsy.

        • TwistedWiseman profile image

          TwistedWiseman 4 years ago

          I worked solo I had bosses, in general I was all over the place.

        • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

          Writing on Zujava is a great place to write for a little extra income. It's a new website but that is generally the best time to sign up ;)

        • Kiwisoutback profile image

          Kiwisoutback 4 years ago from Massachusetts

          @Redneck Lady Luck: I think I've heard of that site. :)

        • JonoAdams profile image

          JonoAdams 4 years ago

          Working for yourself is definitely the way to go. I'm lucky that I work in an industry that allows me to do that easily, but I'm definitely open to this whole online thing as well. You've given me a lot of good info to think about here, kudos.

        • bushaex profile image

          Stephen Bush 4 years ago from Ohio

          SquidAngel blessings. I'll second the motion on looking at Zujava.

        • Tobint44 LM profile image

          Tobint44 LM 4 years ago

          Love it, great ideas and some new ones I haven't seen.

        • profile image

          mouse1996 lm 4 years ago

          Great suggestions!

        • Louidam1 LM profile image

          Louidam1 LM 4 years ago

          I currently have a full time job and also work part time from home doing a variety of stuff like surveys, affiliate marketing, blogging, focus groups, and Squidoo. I love supplementing my current income!

        • Dustinnh profile image

          Dustinnh 4 years ago

          You got some great ways to make money!

        • simpletouchclea profile image

          simpletouchclea 4 years ago

          I enjoyed this list and just made a note to research Lulu. There are some topics that I have been meaning to write about and since it has a template, I will begin and experiment with them. Thanks for sharing this lens.

        • Isabellas-cabin profile image

          Isabellas-cabin 4 years ago

          The one drawback I have for a snowplow driver is it can easily blow the transmission out of your truck and the brakes will go out quickly. So this is the major drawback which is present here!

          For my extra money, I end up doing freelance writing.

        • profile image

          peter-mutiso1 4 years ago

          Great ways to earn extra cash for sure

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I'm an ebay power seller buying from yard sales and selling it on ebay started of as side money now I do it full time money is really good check me out Dimitrioses designer threads :) It's a good time

        • Alessandro Zambon profile image

          Alessandro Zamboni 4 years ago from Italy

          Thanks to the author for displaying so many ways to earn from the comfort of your home. Hail to the king!

        • shawnhi77 lm profile image

          shawnhi77 lm 4 years ago

          Really some great ideas. Very practical and not spammy at all. Well done!

        • shawnhi77 lm profile image

          shawnhi77 lm 4 years ago

          Some very good idea. Thanks for the information.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Thank you for a great lens! You combined new options with old options that have been updated. Personally, I get tired of seeing the same familiar options to choose from and like to get a fresh idea every now and then as you've provided. After choosing a way to earn the extra funds, it's just as important to have a promotional plan to locate clients.

        • homesweethomebi1 profile image

          homesweethomebi1 4 years ago

          I've done a number of things from selling on eBay to self publishing a book. The possibilities are endless. Thanks for the great information.

        • JC2011 profile image

          JC2011 4 years ago

          Hubpages is another site a person can use, but I haven't had much luck with it. Another is webanswers. I have made some money with webanswers but the time it takes really isn't worth it to me.

        • Tonto Murray profile image

          Tonto Murray 4 years ago

          Nice tips for anyone looking for supplemental cash. Blessings.

        • profile image

          RachelWiggles 4 years ago

          You'll find this difficult to believe, but I pull in a few extra hundred every month selling videos of my feet. It's very easy and I can be anonymous. My lens explains how to do it. I work on my own schedule. I have a fan base. Once the video is made, it's always out there for sale as either a downloadable clip or DVD. Anyway, nice lens with lot's of ideas. Thanks!

        • thegrayrabbit profile image

          thegrayrabbit 4 years ago

          Sparked some great ideas for me, thanks

        • uneasywriter lm profile image

          uneasywriter lm 4 years ago

          Nice list of money making ideas!

        • RockyMountain profile image

          RockyMountain 4 years ago

          Thanks for this, I need more money!

        • aesta1 profile image

          Mary Norton 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

          You have a very comprehensive list here.

        • profile image

          CharlesAtTheHelm 4 years ago

          I'm a retired CPA, so I earn extra money preparing individual income tax returns. You might be able to sell your services using your own past experiences. However, I recommend testing the water before spending any money getting set up for business.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          I walk a dog among my other endeavors. Great list here!

        • jamesyd lm profile image

          jamesyd lm 4 years ago

          interesting lens, lots of great ideas on here!

        • profile image

          ThisGirlWrites 4 years ago

          Awesome lens! Lots of non-obvious ideas here. Kudos for uniqueness. I've always been interested in calligraphy.

        • paulgrossman profile image

          paulgrossman 4 years ago

          Affiliate marketing and math tutoring have been great income streams for me. I don't mind sacrificing tv or other guilty pleasures if it means extra $....Very informative lens!

        • Countryluthier profile image

          E L Seaton 4 years ago from Virginia

          Surveys have had limited success for me. It is getting better all the time.

        • tedwritesstuff24 profile image

          TedWritesStuff 4 years ago

          Definitely food for thought. Never thought about walking other peoples dogs.

        • Redneck Lady Luck profile image

          Lorelei Cohen 4 years ago from Canada

          Money definitely encourages me to work a little harder. It's a great incentive.

        • pinkrenegade lm profile image

          pinkrenegade lm 4 years ago

          valuable piece of info especially in this economy.

        • Jo-Jackson profile image

          Jo-Jackson 4 years ago

          I earn extra money by freelance writing for local websites. Very useful list of ways to make extra money.

        • GregoryMoore profile image

          Gregory Moore 4 years ago from Louisville, KY

          I've had my hands in some form of internet business since 1999, but never anything big enough to quit the day job. I have a number of affiliate websites that have consistently pulled revenue and allowed my family to do and experience more than we otherwise would. With all of the Google updates though, this revenue has been in decline. Time to get to work again.

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          Great list. Thanks for sharing it with us.

        • Kiwisoutback profile image

          Kiwisoutback 4 years ago from Massachusetts

          @GregoryMoore: It's unfortunate, that is happening to so many people. It's requiring even more work to make the same income for the majority of us since Panda/Penguin.

        • athomemomblog profile image

          Genesis Davies 4 years ago from Guatemala

          I write books, Squidoo lenses and articles. In the past, I've sold baked goods, tutored, taught English and cleaned houses, all of which were my own businesses.

        • profile image

          john9229 4 years ago

          Great tips. As same as my dreams in 2013!

        • profile image

          anonymous 4 years ago

          GREAT title! (and content). I got hooked by the title though :) thanks for sharing

        • ukprowriter profile image

          ukprowriter 4 years ago

          Great lens. Thanks for sharing

        • HolyChristianWear profile image

          Gabriel 4 years ago from Hobbsville, NC

          Thanks for the info. I will have to take a few days to go over it all. Very very good lens

        • profile image

          dellgirl 4 years ago

          This is an informative lens, itâs very interesting! Thank you for sharing, I like this.

        • profile image

          tenner 4 years ago

          That's true in this day and age you must do what you can to get by. Online is a the way to go!!!

        • Resident-Nerd profile image

          Resident-Nerd 4 years ago

          Great list of opportunities. Thank you

        • AlexVolker profile image

          AlexVolker 4 years ago

          Used to make fudge and sell. Talk about eating into your profits

        • pyngthyngs profile image

          pyngthyngs 4 years ago

          I find the list to be really helpful, especially in this economic environment. We all can benefit from numerous cash flow sources.

        • InvestLetters profile image

          InvestLetters 4 years ago

          I share what I know on the internet and through sites like Squidoo occasionally get paid for what I know!

        • bdguth07 profile image

          bdguth07 4 years ago

          really enjoyed reading this, they sure are a lot of ways to make money online. I am new to the Squidoo community and trying to get my reputation built. great lens!

        • Eric Mayo profile image

          Eric Mayo 4 years ago

          Thanks for sharing this list.

        • SetlikeJelly profile image

          David 4 years ago from Europe

          nice list. once i was a poker player and was up to about $300 a week...then i got a real job :/ thanks for the ideas

        • profile image

          Billu11 4 years ago

          The sweet thing is, out of 48 ideas, one could easily fit itself somewhere and start trying..

        • pbrandon65 profile image

          pbrandon65 4 years ago

          With the current financial climate in such a mess, this lens can help with some good ideas. Thanks for sharing!

        • profile image

          rkeele 4 years ago

          Great lens! I personally feel participating in affiliate marketing is the best way to go. The cost is minimal and you have the tax benefits of having your own home based business.

        • LifeAhead profile image

          LifeAhead 4 years ago

          I do freelance computer drafting for clients, have a couple of blogs, create and sell my own woodworking plans and have a couple of zazzle stores. I believe that more and more people will need to generate income from multiple sources in the future. The life-long career is now deceased.

          Great self-employment tips!

        • sapientzeal lm profile image

          sapientzeal lm 4 years ago

          The lens that made me join Squidoo! Thanks!


        • Pinasheart profile image

          Pinasheart 4 years ago

          Tons of information here! Awesome lens! thanks!

        • BowWowBear profile image

          BowWowBear 4 years ago

          You put a couple ideas out I might be able to use. Thanks for a great starting point!

        • oooMARSooo LM profile image

          oooMARSooo LM 4 years ago

          Affiliate marketing, my Amazon Store, freelance writing and now my own ebooks. Hopefully soon I'll be focused entirely on writing and promoting my books only, but it's all a process to get enough confidence and expertise to do so...

        • Blackspaniel1 profile image

          Blackspaniel1 2 years ago

          Some of these are interesting enough to try. right now I am slowing moving material from my favorite site to others. Things always change. Here is an idea I did not see, get a table at a show, like a coin show, and sell.

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