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5 Accounting Apps for Small Business Owners Who Are Always On the Go

Updated on August 23, 2016

With today’s very mobile mindset comes the inception of small business accounting apps to help very busy entrepreneurs attend to their business while out and about growing it. Choosing the best accounting app truly depends on what you want to get out of it, and to help you decide, I’ve narrowed down the list to 5 with the highest review scores.


Xero’s mobile app allows any user to fulfill their daily business accounting activities anytime, wherever they may be. From bank reconciliations, to sending invoices as soon as the job is done, to following up long overdue invoices, and capturing receipts as soon as you receive them—Xero eliminates the wait, and gives you only pure convenience to get things done as quickly as you want.

Business owners can grant their employees access to Xero mobile (of course, with permission settings), so that they may be able to raise invoices and claim expenses. Also, it comes with bonus features for Apple devices! Working with a split screen is now possible with iPad Air 2 or iPad Pro, enabling you to have other applications open such as emails or internet banking side-by-side. On your Apple Watch, you can view your account balances, receive notifications for deposits or withdrawals, and view your day-to-day transactions by importance.

Mobile App for Xero Accounting Software


This financial accounting app version comes free with your Quickbooks online subscription. Quickbooks mobile allows you to create and send professional estimates and later on convert them into invoices. Aside from billing your customers instantly, you can also receive their payments right away through online means. Right at the comfort of wherever you may be, you can do bank reconciliations anytime, and easily track expenses by taking photos of your receipts through your device. Your mobile app can do almost everything that the PC version can, except for customizing invoices and generating reports.

Intuit QuickBooks Online Mobile App


One of the top business apps today, Nutcache is originally known as a project management software, with collaborative boards and project dashboards to share all project ideas, tasks, and their progression with a group. The integrative app makes it easy not only to share project details, but also to track time, manage expenses, and do invoicing—without switching to another app, making your life so much easier!

You can categorize your expenses the way you want, have detailed expense reports, and register a payment without leaving the expense screen. The invoicing feature allows you to send invoices, track those unsettled ones, and get paid through Paypal, Stripe,, or 2Checkout. Your invoices may also be customized according to your theme or branding.

Nutcache Review


The Freshbooks mobile app is more of a recording and invoicing app, allowing you to create invoices and bill clients anytime, and get paid faster as it accepts credit card payments without additional setup. Aside from taking photos of receipts, you can also track expenses by importing details from your bank account or credit card. Time tracking is another feature of Freshbooks mobile, allowing you to monitor not only your own time but also every member of your team.

FreshBooks App for iPhone and iPad

Zoho Books

More than just a bookkeeping app, Zoho Books has an insights dashboard that allows you to have an overview of your current receivables, payables, and sales, so you can effectively plan out your daily business activities. Your team can track their time through their mobile phones and you can create invoices and send them to clients while on-the-go. Like all the other apps on this list, expenses can also be recorded and attached to invoices by taking photos of them on your smartphone. Reports for sales and expenses can also be generated through this app, making it easier for you to track your earnings and spendings without the need for a PC.

Zoho Finance Apps

Make your ‘business owner’ life much easier by taking advantage of these mobile apps—a simple, reliable, and convenient means to stay on top of your business even when you’re on the move.


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