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2 Best Day Jobs for Actors

Updated on February 6, 2014

2 Flexible Day jobs

  1. Nanny

  2. Dog Walker

You don't have to wait tables!

If you just decided to become an actor or you have been acting for years but want to take a break and do some freelance work these 2 options options just might be for you.

Become a Nanny

Usually working as a Nanny is part-time or on call but there are full time positions. Pay can range from Minimum wage up to $55/hour depending on how many kids you will be taking care of.

Where do you start?

Step 1: Start by telling all of your family and friends that you will be available to nanny soon.

Step 2: Register with and complete your profile at a 100 %. offers you a way to connect online with families and to advertise yourself and your availability.

Step 3: Announce your services on Facebook

Step 4: Watch friends or family members children asap and have them complete a review for you on

Step 5: Go to a local Elementary or Middle school and ask if you can post your card on a bulletin board or leave a stack with the parent teacher organization!



If you love animals this job would be fun for you. To start this business you will need to do the following:

1. Find out standard rates in your area and price your services competitively.

2. Google How to start a dog walking business to better research other tips.

3. Design business cards on vista print or any service you desire. Make sure it has your email address, name and best number to reach you!

4. Create Fliers and drop off stacks of fliers at the nearest pet shop, dog groomer, and humane society.

5. Get involved with the local shelter. Once someone adopts a dog they can count on you to be the go to person to walk their puppy.

6. Set up a website that shows your schedule. Find a free website at

You can also use to advertise your services for dog walking and even house sitting!

Which Flexible gig is best for you?

Which Flexible gig is best for you?

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