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5 Best Sources for Free PowerPoint Templates in 2015

Updated on October 12, 2015
A woman working on her business presentation.
A woman working on her business presentation.

Whether you are a student, a teacher, an employee or an entrepreneur, there comes a time in your academic or professional pursuit when you need to create power point presentations that should be presentable, organized, impressive, and at the same time, one that will effectively reflect your identity or personality, the message that you are trying to convey, or the brand that you are trying to introduce to your prospective clients (if you are an entrepreneur or a student of a business related college course).

Now, at one point in your academic quest or professional career, you will notice that you have been using certain ‘templates’ over and over again that the moment you present your report or research in front of your audience, they already know what you will be using even if they close their eyes. You might have failed to notice but your audience are getting bored not because of your wonderful ideas or awesome speaking skills, but because of your boring PPT (power point template).

So you try to search for other available free templates online, but you can’t just grasped the exact template that is most suitable for you and to the need of your target audience, include in that the seemingly complicated functions and styles. You then consider checking out those that are free in your computer like Microsoft PowerPoint, but there’s nothing that can satisfy your requirements. What will you do then? It is understandable that this instance can be very frustrating, but don’t be.

If you are running out of cool, eccentric, and distinctive power point templates that suite you the most, below is a compilation of the latest 5 best free sources online:

# 1 Slide HUNTER

Slide hunter is one of the most visited sites when it comes to free business PowerPoint templates. What does this site offers us? Aside from the fact that all slide designs and business slides are offered for free, this site gives you original presentation backgrounds along with eye-catching diagrams and avatars that will nevertheless impress your audience.

The varieties that are classified according to their industry are perfect for all types of business presentations. Browsing more, you will discover that they have free diagrams, charts, and vector graphics for download, which you can utilize in your slides individually. You just need to release your creative side.

It has several template categories that you can choose from and even offers 3D templates that are quite suitable for this generation too. The website itself is very accessible and all gives you insights about how the template would look like with the free slide design feature.

All you need to do so you have access with the templates is register or have an account for the website. When registering, you can use your email or simply access with any of your social media accounts. After that, you can start choosing from various designs available at Slide Hunter that are in Zip format when downloaded. All of which are designed for PP 2007 and the later models.


# 2

With more than one thousand power point templates that can be downloaded to your own personal computers without any cost, Free PowerPoint Templates (FPPT) serves as one of the most used and visited online. They also have various template ideas and styles that you can choose from. It may be retro, modern, or marketing theme, the site all have different designs to accommodate your needs.

You can search any type of free presentation templates by just clicking any keyword or use the site’s color selector to find a theme that suits your preferred color presentation background. If you’re into Business, Medical, Nature, Abstract, Educational, and Engineering PowerPoint templates, you surely must pay visit to this website.


# 3

This site offers you their top and eccentric PPT backgrounds and business PPT templates that of course, you can all download for free. It could be used for personal or commercial presentations but the site requires acknowledgement credit to use their templates.

You can unlock and download the template by creating your account in their site or using any social media account like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Most of the designs are minimalist and professionally designed to accommodate presentations that is focused on the content of the presentation but also gives a presentable and effective effect on the audience.

You can also easily search the desired design by using the ‘search’ bar located at the top right of the website, or you can use their word tags located at the lower left side of the bar. This site is very recommendable for those individuals looking for presentation templates that is simple yet very appealing.


# 4

As the site of the name implies, it is a source for hundreds of free presentation templates for PowerPoint. Now, what makes it unique from the rest of the sites available online? First, the site offers you holiday presentations that are all good to look at and very timely because we celebrate holidays yearly. Next is that it is both available for Microsoft, PowerPoint Online, and for Office for Mac and Keynote. It gives you a concise detail of the file size and which and on what occasions you can use the free PowerPoint templates.

You can have access to the template by creating an account through their website or by logging in using any social media account like Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.


# 5

This site is certainly not the least among the rest of the most visited websites for free editable templates. SlideModel is the site where you can have it all- it has free professional presentation templates that can be easily downloaded by just registering to the site.

The services offered are very superb! From catchy, unique and useful graphs that can be used for a lot of informational materials that needed to be presented in a presentation, from the out-of-the-box diagrams that will certainly catch your audience’s attention, to different PowerPoint templates that are all professionally designed, this site will meet and may exceed your expectations.


So what template will you be using and from what site?

For you, which of the mentioned free PPT source is the best?

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    • Evane profile image

      Eva 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi Matt! Thank you :)

    • Matt Easterbrook5 profile image

      Matthew A Easterbrook 2 years ago from Oregon

      Yes great information backed by your research. I found this hub to be helpful and interesting.



    • Evane profile image

      Eva 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi rebelogilbert! :) How are you? Yeah. And it feels great to be able to help through research and writing :)

    • rebelogilbert profile image

      Gilbert Arevalo 2 years ago from Hacienda Heights, California

      Many people will appreciate your helpful research.

    • Evane profile image

      Eva 2 years ago from Philippines

      Hi DreamerMeg! Thank you :) Yes, it is indeed a very great help. They won't need to spend money so they can find the perfect template for their presentation. A compilation like this one makes it easier and faster for people who are in dire need of new PPT that are for free.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 2 years ago from Northern Ireland

      That's a very useful hub for anyone who needs to make a PowerPoint Presentation. Using someone else's creativity (legitimately) to put your points across means people are more likely to remain interested in what you have to say.