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5 Easy Ways to Market Your Own Content Without Paying for Digital Branding

Updated on July 13, 2018

White Hat is the ONLY Way!

If you've ever felt immensely compelled to click on a link that flows down your feed you've probably been lightly coerced by an adept marketing technique. However, these days, basic clickbait isn't always viewed as a white hat effort. In fact, reactions on social media show that some people can get fairly annoyed if you pull them in with a fancy, compelling subject line that isn't backed up by a relevant story. So, while the next five ways to get more shares on your article without doing any promotion may include marketing techniques that could be considered coercive, they will not include indulging in unsupported clickbait content.

1.) Increase Blog Traffic Organically

When most marketers hear the words organic marketing, they rightfully assume that it will take a little time. However, most people who are marketing content, products or services, have exactly the least amount of time to waste in getting their contributions to market. The most efficient methods for targeting and pulling in new blog traffic are:

  1. Search Traffic – This one is a bit more obvious than other techniques. There are 3.5 billion searches carried out per day on Google alone. The main requirement on where to put your content is dependant on the type of media it is. You'll definitely want to put your video content on YouTube, your slideshows on SlideShare, your short blurbs on Twitter and any other content on their proper, and most popular, platforms. Make sure that no matter where you put it, you have filled out all of the proper tagging, keywording, formatting and other descriptive options.
  2. Target Audience – You can take advantage of a targeted audience if you utilize the contacts and associations you already have. This means your email contacts, your RSS subscribers, your blog followers, your Twitter followers, your facebook fan page followers and any others who you have a direct audience with.
  3. Word-of-Mouth – Word-of-mouth might have a different coat in the digital age but it does still have the same result. When people arrive at your content's destination through search, or view your content through shares on social media platforms, they are receiving the same knowledge as if you were sharing it with them face-to-face.

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2.) Creating Viral Content

This is absolutely, positively easier said than done. Fortunately, there are a few guidelines you can stick to when creating your content that will have positive impact on the virility of it.

  1. Search for trending content – Writers can get their inspiration from a variety of sources but this is always an efficient method. Tab open your favorite search webmaster tools and find out what has the most eyes on it today.
  2. Create a catchy headline – Catchy headlines are a dime a dozen. Making the content itself stand up to the catchy headline, not so easy. Make sure yours does so that you don't end up with followers who are agitated at being tricked into clicking your content.
  3. Touch on Emotions – While touching on human emotions through web content is likely more difficult than you think, there are a few emotions that are well-known for generating viral content. Those emotions include awe, joy, laughter, amusement and anger. Be careful with that last one.

Other workable quick tips include touching on controversial subjects, inviting special contributors, and making your content visually appealing through proper formatting.

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3.) Drive Traffic, Subscribers, and Sales

Once you have created strategic viral content, there are a few easy methods to help pull in new subscribers and generate sales.

  1. Have a content upgrade or put the real 'meat' of the story below the fold. Require an opt-in to complete the read.
  2. The real trick is convincing your reader why they should opt-in. Make sure there is value in it for them to do so.
  3. For sales, it's simple to understand, harder to carry out. The most efficient method however, is to find a problem and provide the fix in your content. Lifehacks, for instance, tend to present problems we didn't really know we had, but then offer some fantastic time-saving option for how to fix it.
  4. Sell the solution. Demonstrate that your solutions have incredible value and you'll have those organic conversions you've been searching for.

4.) Utilize Social Bookmarking Sites and Buttons

It won't cost more than a few moments of your time to share your content link on the most viable social bookmarking sites available. Some of the benefits of doing so are deeper, often faster, indexing, and proper categorization. You might even learn a thing or two about your own content's SEO by checking out how the professional indexing sites categorize it. Regardless, social bookmarking sites can help introduce your website to others with similar taste, create valuable back-links and drive traffic to your site.

Along with all of those social network buttons you'll want to scatter around your content, dig a little deeper and provide links to those social bookmarking sites as well. A book-marker with more experience on one of those platforms might know exactly which extension or topic to share it under to send your content spiraling into viral.

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5.) Call to Action

Just like the placement of this very suggestion, your content's call-to-action should come near the end of the page. Some marketers even create sidebar widgets and place them next to the content to keep them on the readers heads-up-display and their minds while they are taking in the general message in the content.

The idea of a call-to-action is to provide a lead-up to why the reader should look deeper and a proper call-to-action will help attract leads or customers, or encourage readers to participate in your event. You can use different wording on your call-to-action but in general, they can and do come in all forms, shapes, sizes and colors. You'll be able to custom tailor them to meet your exact needs. Some common options include:

  • Click for a free consultation
  • Download our free ebook here
  • Make an appointment today
  • Start your free trial now

Stick to trending topics when at all possible and if your content meets the above requirements you should be able to generate valuable shares without the need for any paid promotions. Remember too, this is the day of instant communications, so make yourself available for that on your own social networking platforms once your content goes live. Be ready to respond to questions, share your appreciation for retweets, and in general show that you're available to support your content and its claims. Serious consumers grew out of content spam bot types of advertisements long ago.

Have any questions for a professional small business marketer? Leave them here and I'll get you an answer!

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