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5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes that Drive Away Fans

Updated on October 9, 2013

Creating a Facebook page for your business is a great way to build your online presence and engage fans. In fact, research shows that smartphone users check their Facebook page 14 times a day. Clearly having a Facebook page is an important way for you to reach customers.

But you can shoot yourself in the foot if you just go bumbling around posting all willy nilly. Regular marketing rules just don't apply on Facebook. Take the time to get to know the product so you can use it effectively. Here are several ways to avoid alienating your fans and get the most out of Facebook marketing.

Still Cool
Still Cool

Being TOO Professional

Sounds strange, right? Who knew being too professional was a bad thing. Remember social media sites are first and foremost SOCIAL! Facebook is a casual atmosphere. Post cartoons, post funny videos, what ever works for your brand. Just don't let your page read like a bad infomercial.

Being Overly Promotional

People don't visit Facebook to be bombarded with ads. They come to chat with their friends, get their news, and look at pictures of funny cats. If every thing you post is about selling, you're doing it wrong. Once again - social media should be SOCIAL. Shoot for "loosely related posts". What does that mean?

Loosely related posts are images and videos that are somewhat related to your business that you think your fans would enjoy.

For example, a Facebook page for a gym might post tips for getting the perfect bikini body at the beginning of summer or healthy versions of comfort foods around the holidays.

The point is don't make every post about your business. The goal of your Facebook page is to build a community so that when you mention "Hey, we're having a sale" or "Hey we got this new product in!" your fans will actually listen.

Don't be that guy
Don't be that guy

Posting Too Often

The number of times you should post really depends upon your business. I suggest you start posting 2 to 3 times a week and build up from there if you are getting a good response from your fans. Posting more than once a day is generally a bad idea, but (again) it really varies from business to business. The best rule of thumb is to avoid posting more than once in a three hour period.

Why? Its annoying. Facebook users want to see what everyone is doing, and when you post multiple times it fills their news feed. It is also a quick way to get blocked from news feeds.

A Few Basic Tips

  • Unless you are selling to twelve year old girls, drop the " LIke OMG cAn YOu BELieve THis!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 YOLO" I will come through this computer screen and cut you. Seriously.
  • ALL CAPS IS ANNOYING. You're yelling. Stop.
  • Post photos that fit on Facebook. Anything smaller than 403 x 403 may get distorted.
  • Don't "Like" your own posts. We know you like it - you posted it!
  • Act like an adult. If you post something that offends people or is plain wrong, make sure you own it.

One of the best examples of an engaging facebook pages is George Takei. He really does a fantastic job of posting funny updates and owning his mistakes.

Posting Content No One Cares About

The truth is, people only care about what you can do for them. What value do you add to their lives (or Facebook feed). Keep in mind that what you find interesting and what your fans find interesting may be very different. Don't treat your business Facebook like it's your personal page - think about your market and what they would find interesting.

Posting Like a Twelve Year Old Girl

While you don't want to be too professional, you also don't want to come across like an idiot. Tailor your online voice to your business. And remember, spell check is your friend.


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