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5 Highly Profitable Easy to Sell Affiliate Marketing Niche Products

Updated on July 5, 2010

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Profit from these High Paying Niches in Affliate Marketing

Are you interested in Affiliate Marketing Opportunities? Are you the kind of person that has a lot of ambition but sometimes needs a bit of a kick start with your ideas? Then this article is for you.

I’m about to disclose some of my most profitable niche opportunities. Products I’ve been personally marketing successfully for years. Products that do way more than just provide a little “extra income”. These are products you can build a business around and make a full time living with in your own Online Marketing Business.

These are the products that people actually buy online, have large markets, and can be marketed by anyone with ambition and a solid plan. So take a few minutes to read through this article and see if one of these opportunities fits your own marketing plans.

I’ve been marketing products online full time now for almost 10 years and I’ve become pretty experienced in selecting profitable affiliate opportunities. To find a profitable market or niche you must first select a product that is in demand. While most products have some demand I like to focus on high volume consumables. The type of products that people not only want but must purchase over and over.

So let me introduce you to what I believe are the 5 most lucrative profitable and easy to sell affiliate products for the Newbie and the Professional.

1. Printer Ink – Think about this for a moment, if a person is online they have some kind of computing device right? And while not every one will have a printer most of them do. And those printers need a constant supply of ink (and for businesses Toner). An individual may purchase ink once or twice per year or as often as once per month. Millions and millions of printer cartridges are consumed each year and need to be replaced. And Printer Ink is not cheap! Manufacturers may only pay a few pennies of actually production cost to make the ink cartridge, but they sell for big money.

I actually went to Costco one day to buy ink for my HP Printer because I didn’t have time to order online. I was blown away by the cost, so much so that while in the store I noticed a Canon Printer on sale that was actually cheaper than the cost of the HP Ink. So I just bought a new printer and gave the old HP to a friend. That’s just insane. That would be like needing gas for your car and buying a new car because it was cheaper!

Most of you have already experienced the painful cost of replacing printer ink cartridges with the Manufacturers own brand. Because of the high cost of ink a huge sub industry of remanufacturers and compatible cartridges exists.

There are tons of affiliate programs from different ink manufacturers. Most pay 25-30% commissions. Everyone needs ink. Huge opportunity!

2. Electronic Cigarettes – I’ve been writing a lot about this opportunity here. Why? The market is Gigantic. A full 24% of the Adult population worldwide smokes cigarettes. Cigarettes are dangerous to ones health. We all know that, yet 1 in 4 adults still smokes!

Electronic cigarettes while not “safe” are significantly safer by definition. As tobacco becomes more regulated, demonized, and taxed the opportunity to sell and profit from the alternative e-cigarettes is growing. In 2008 the market in the United States was $100 million and growing. You can read my article about marketing electronic cigarettes here or just do a search and find an opportunity on your own.

3. Shoes – You might not have thought about it, but people love to buy shoes online. Apparel is the largest selling category online, outselling even books! Zappos (A well known online shoe retailer) offers an affiliate program, as does and many others. Zappos is a Billion Dollar + per year enterprise. People have to have shoes. In the United States there are about 300 million people. Shoes wear out! That is a lot of people who will probably buy at least one pair of shoes this year! And what is so great is you can pick a niche within the market and specialize in that one particular kind of shoe and still have plenty of opportunity.

4. Travel – I’d bet that the city you live in unless it is a very small farming community has several Hotels. If you are lucky enough to live in a resort community you have even more opportunity. People must travel on business. People like to travel for pleasure. We all like to take vacations. And we all need a place to stay. You can be an expert on your own town! Yes it’s competitive, all niches online are competitive. But the market opportunities are still there. Focus on Bed and Breakfasts, or corporate travel. Sell car reservations and Hotel Reservations. Airline tickets typically pay very little so if you offer airline tickets you're definitely want to lean towards Vacation Packages. I live in Las Vegas and more than 100,000 rooms are booked each day! The competition here is fierce but the opportunities are still large.

5. Adult Novelties – I’m sure there will be some people that simply don’t want to get involved in the world of Adult Marketing. And that’s just fine, it’s not for everyone. But what I am talking about here is Lingerie, Costume, and Toys. This is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2005 Forbes Magazine estimated the market to be as large as $3.9 Billion.

Actually October is a great month to get involved due to heightened interest in Adult Oriented Halloween Costumes. The market is solid year round because these are the types of products you can’t just pick up at the local Department Store, Walmart, or Kmart. Some people are simply too embarrassed to purchase in person so the Internet and Discreet Brown Paper Packaging is perfect for them. Most Adult Businesses selling Novelties use very professional names on the return addresses (Or so I’ve been told… pleads the fifth!). Payouts range from 25-40%!!!

While many “marketers” like to jump on the Fads and leverage what is new, I like to stick to my long term goals and sell products that people want and need to purchase over and over. I tend to stick to high volume markets… I’m not the guy looking for the no competition keywords to make a few dollars. I don’t mind mixing it up. No risk, no reward.

Are any of these Affiliate Marketing Opportunities right for you?

Comments Welcome.

Make More Money Online with Affliate Niches that Pay Off Big!

The Big Affiliate Marketing Profits come from residual selling, high volume, and high margin Affiliate Opportunities - like the Niches You are reading about now!
The Big Affiliate Marketing Profits come from residual selling, high volume, and high margin Affiliate Opportunities - like the Niches You are reading about now!


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  • Alladream74 profile image

    Victor Mavedzenge 

    4 years ago from Oakland, California

    Very informative. I will look into these.

  • jazzgazer profile image


    7 years ago from philippines

    i am new to affiliate marketing. i am passionate to learn more. thank you for this hub! such a great help for me! please give me tips if possible! thank you! keep up the good work!

  • richardsjohnpaul profile image


    7 years ago from United Kingdom

    Yes I agree, we need to choose the right product!

  • The Pink Panther profile image

    The Pink Panther 

    8 years ago from Sydney, Australia

    Some really great niche oppertunities here! Great hub!

  • emilybrooks profile image


    9 years ago from Chicago, US

    Wow, find good products to promote is sometimes difficult. Thanks for the great ideas.

  • imayadash profile image


    9 years ago

    great Hub!

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    Read what you had to say. Great ideas hopefully this will give me a jump start to what I need to be an affiliate marketer. Thanks !

  • Carol the Writer profile image

    Carolyn Blacknall 

    9 years ago from Houston, Texas

    Good, solid ideas!- Carol

  • Hmrjmr1 profile image


    10 years ago from Georgia, USA

    Thanks for a great Hub!

  • Filipino girls profile image

    Filipino girls 

    10 years ago

    really great hubs urs keep written


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