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5 Internet Entreprenuers Who Started Out as Classroom Teachers.

Updated on April 15, 2017
Jack Ma was an English tutor before founding the now popular Alibaba.
Jack Ma was an English tutor before founding the now popular Alibaba. | Source

For the passionate, entrepreneurship is the key to financial freedom and attainment of self actualization. Even then, not all entrepreneurs who started out in the field. Some had to start in different fields and grew into the field over time.

The 5 internet entrepreneurs highlighted here in started out as class room teachers before they branched out to entrepreneurship.

5 Successful Internet Entrepreneurs Who Started Out as Classroom teachers.

1. Jack Ma of Alibaba

Jack Ma is the founder and current chairman of Alibaba company. He also owns a 50 percent stake at Alipay. He is credited to be the richest person in the People's Republic of China and among the richest in the world.

Though born in abject poverty in a Hangzhou neighborhood, Jack took progressive steps to raise himself out of poverty. He taught himself English and used to earn tips from taking tourists around the neighborhood. Though he suffered rejection in his quest to get a formal employment, Jack went ahead to start and grow Alibaba to a multi million dollar company renowned world over.

2. Val Creager

Val is the owner of Val Stone Photography almost a decade back in a bid to entangle herself from financial difficulties. Today, Val also owns and runs Tequila Dale's with her husband.

3. Mark Pentecost

The former high school teacher has often been referred to as a shrewd and witty businessman. His company, 'It Works', is estimated to be worth several millions dollars with sales surging to over $500 million in 2013.

Mark was a struggling mathematics teacher in grand rapids before resigning to start his first company, It Works, that dealt with resale of fitness products.

Courtesy: | Source

4. Cindy Finelli Coleman

Cindy dream is to change for the world for the good through education. Today, her main businesses revolves around making education easy and fun-filled.

5. Joseph M. Karanja

Joseph was born to a cook. Due to financial constraints, Karanja had to study in lowly schools but went on to qualify to University. Though he studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the University, he had to work as untrained teacher in a number of high schools before he founded Enough Work, a marketing agency that has brought him fortunes over time.

Today, Joseph is a leading internet marketer with a number of authority web properties earning thousands of dollars in commissions online.

Wrapping it all

I'd bet you also know a number of entrepreneurs who started out in a different field before branching to entrepreneurship. Share your story in the comments with the community herein.


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