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5 Key points to ensure success in marketing

Updated on January 23, 2014

Failure means loss of time, money, and resources that could be used much more optimal if no misses. However, when we talk about marketing failure sometimes means learning unless it is a catastrophic failure that occurs in the style of "persistently going with head into the wall."

I do not want to get into specifics about the necessity of marketing, marketing processes, the manner of using marketing ... But will write and speak on the podcast "entrepreneurial way."

Here I want to open some specific topics in the form of key things to know and to constantly have in mind as an entrepreneur in the following situations:

  • When you design and build the marketing process of your business.
  • When you implement marketing activities in your business.
  • When working on improving the marketing process in your business.

So which are these 5 key things?

You cannot know with 100% certainty what works and what does not.

True. Therefore, I find that the best books and marketing courses cannot provide 100% success. You never know what will succeed and what will fail. If it is a product, you do not know with certainty that it is right. If it comes to advertising or other marketing tactics, you do not know that gives results, which does not. ...

Therefore, in large part, marketing is testing and adjusting, and testing repeatedly ... Just adjustments requires constant iteration...


Your marketing activities must have a purpose - to sell

We can invent hundreds of goals when it comes to marketing, but one is truest and most realistic, and it is to sell. Why would deal with marketing your business through it if you fail to increase sales. Thus, marketing objectives will be operational objectives of your business.

Marketing is an endless process

Although the word campaign is used in marketing, marketing process is campaigning process. Marketing is a continuous process and with endless myriad of child process in it. So completing a cycle in process means starting a new cycle. Completion of a sub-process cycle means starting a new sub-process cycle.

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Marketing processes must not allow strong binding to one thing

Often I see how many entrepreneurs are tied to one thing. However, marketing process requires a completely different approach. It does not allow tethering for a title or a promotional ad text, but requires testing in some cases dozens of articles, dozens of titles...


Marketing means education and explanation what the potential buyer should do eventually

First, education and then a strong call to action. You are not an educational center, but business using marketing for the specific purpose. Second, the call for action without providing a solid explanation of your offer is hard to realize. However, a good combination of the two is something that will light the way to success.

Always keep in mind these five key things because it will help in the radically changing the current way of using marketing in your business.


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