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5 Must Have Tools For a Computer Technician.

Updated on June 1, 2017

Basically a computer technician can be said to be "doctors" when it comes to fixing and management of computers. They are the only people who have the capability of repairing computers because of their know how.

Every computer technician must have the required tools in order to perform their job effectively at all times. Usually technicians carry their kit around so as to be prepared at all times.

It can be said that the tools that are used by technicians are their hands, ears and eyes hence a good technician should have a good mastery of these senses so as to be much better in troubleshooting.

The following are the basic tools that a computer technician must have; screwdriver, USB flash drives with applications, air blower, Self adhesive fabric fastener and a brush.


Normally computer or laptop pieces are held together with screws, either small or big. Hence the screwdriver is one of the most important and essential tools needed for a technician. This is because one cannot access the computer without opening it and the most appropriate tool to use is the screwdriver.

Also in the computer, there are some hardware which are positioned in place with screws that put them intact therefore the only way to loosen and remove them is by usage of a necessary tool by the technician referred to as a screwdriver.

USB Flash drives with applications

Usually when a computer is bought over the counter, its blank, meaning that an operating system has to be installed together with some drives. This is because not all computers come with CD/DVD drives. This provides a necessity that the technician have a USB flash drive that contains applications which usually helps when it comes to matters of troubleshooting. A technician must have applications that include a Trojan remover, a program that can detect missing drivers, a system cleaner and a portable antivirus.

Air blower

There is always one way or another that a computer would be prone to dust. The dust usually is propelled by circumstances such as the machine being placed on a dusty surface. Hence an air blower is used to remove this dust from the system. This is because a very small amount of dust especially those within the RAM can cause the computer difficulties or in other instances refusal to boot up. Only a small particle is needed for blockage between the memory slot and RAM which can lead to a burned RAM.

Self adhesive fabric fastener

A computer is usually made of plastic and metal hence at times there may be breakages of some hardware which might require holding them together. This is where the fabric fastener comes in because it binds together these parts, especially the small parts that are broken and cannot be fixed or replaced readily.


Usually most people don't take their computers for servicing over a long period of time, this tends to slow down its performance or cause overheating due to overworking of the fan hence the brush goes a long way in removal of the accumulated dust on the fans, power supply, heat sink and more and in the process, prolonged computer life.

Parting shot

It can be said that a good technician is one who is always ready when need arises. This is only possible if the technician carries his kit everywhere with him to be used. Therefore the above mentioned tools can be said to be basic and essential for every computer technician.


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