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5- Pillars For Money Blogging

Updated on July 26, 2010
Start Blogging and Make Money
Start Blogging and Make Money

Most of the bloggers know that they can make money by blogging but only a fraction of them actually do it. After a lot of thinking and discussion on this topic I reached at the conclusion that the thing that makes a difference between a successful blogger and a part-time blogger is lack of knowledge. By lack of knowledge I mean a lack of exposure.

Let me explain it like this consider you have a good blog with 400-500 daily visitors and you only have google adsense on it and now you think that your blog will turn into a money making machine. If you think this then you are mistaken.

Statistically, For example a typical site with 400 visitors with a 1.5% CTR (which is pretty decent) gets 6 clicks a day paying an average of $0.10
earns $0.60 a day, $18.00 a month, $216.00 a year.

Is that enough???

Definitely, I will hear a big “NO”.

So, most of the bloggers like the one in above example getting good traffic can’t earn much. In a race to earn more they rush towards the paid methods of bringing traffic to their blogs but all in vain (coz it is not a targeted traffic) and after becoming desperate they quit blogging.

But, the answer to their problem is not traffic but the earning mediums used on the blog. If they increase the earning mediums of their blog definitely they can earn well with same amount of traffic. Thus there is need of mediums which can make you earn along with adsense.

So, now coming to the topic here I will here tell u about 5 distinct methodsyou can use to generate substantial income from blogging along with adsense.

  1. Direct advertising:In this method the blog owner can himself contact the ad publishers for direct advertising on monthly basis. This method is good for both the blogger and the publisher because it omits the intermediate broker ( do it as follows check the adsense ads of on competitor’s website. Click on the ads and go to their website and contact the publisher directly for advertising on your blog. The main drawback of this is that you need a blog with good pagerank and a handsome amount of visitors.
  2. “Pay per Post”:This is rather simple. Set up multiple niche blogs on either your own domains or free blog hosts like Blogger. Maintain them over a period of time and focus on writing content and building up their Google PageRank, link profile and Alexa Rank.Submit all of your blogs to multiple get paid to blog websites like Blogitive, Blogsvertise,Review Me, Sponsored Reviews, PayperPost, LoudLaunch and then start writing sponsored posts. I highly recommend using PayperPost as they simply have the largest amount of paid offers available. One more advantage of this method is that they have highest payouts like $300 for single post. And average payment is $6 - $14 for single post.
  3. Text Link ads:These are annoying but more importantly they can pay you a handsome amount. Try to use them as they have the potential to boost your income. Personally I recommend using Infolinks text ads.
  4. Affiliate Program Route: You can join affiliate programs like amzon, ebay, clickbank and then place their ads on your websites if someone buys something form your website then you will be paid commission for that. The commission generally varies from 10%-75% of the product price.
  5. The Blog Network or Contract Blogging Route:This involves joining a blog network and getting paid to maintain and create content for blogs. You’ll get paid according to the amount of pageviews, possibly receive a token base fee in the hundreds or a share of the blog’s ad revenue. For a blog network list visit

Conclusion: As you can see, there are several strategies you can choose if you’re interested in making money from blogs. You can experiment with several of these methods in order to earn a handsome amount. Whatever path you choose, it is important to know that success will usually come when one is willing to invest time and effort in not only working as blogger but constantly learninghow to better monetize your blog. And one more thing Google adsense is the biggest player in the advertising industry so don’t forget it use the above alternatives along with adsense for better income. Good luck and have a nice blogging day.


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