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5 Real Ways To Earn With Google In 2018

Updated on April 16, 2018

What do you mean by Real Ways?

Come, earn with us. Well, we've always read this phrase but every time we read this somewhere online, we can not always trust them as these days spammers are the most active culprits on the internet due to easiness in making money online. But there is something, on which we can trust. Yeah you're absolutely right, Its Google of course.

Last year Google’s parent company Alphabet reported a profit of US$ 46 Billion on revenues of US$ 75 Billion. Moreover Google paid out $12.6 billion to its publishing partners last year.

Ways To Earn With Google

As the title suggested, there are 5 real ways that can give you a great income at the end of the month, Or If you are an expert, you can earn more tham 100$ in a single day. Below are the ways to really earn with google

1. Create a Youtube Channel.

  • Creating a channel on Youtube is the most popular method to earn money specially these days. Famous Youtubers like Pewdiepie , Smosh , Ray William Johnson and many more are able to make more than 10 Million USD per year.
  • Working with Youtube is very easy but it is necessary for a new successful youtuber to give more time and devotion to his/her Channel than to his/her home.

It work by Displaying advertisements of several companies and groups on our uploaded videos and Youtube charge the companies and groups for displaying ads and give us a small share of it.

Depending upon the country and currency we earn from Youtube. Some people reported that they earn 7-8 USD per 1000 views and some reported to earn 1$ for 1000 views. It mean that If you are able to make 7$ per day on a single video than You will make 210 from it at the end of month and If you are uploading videos in a routine and getting views than you will be able to make 1000$ per month.

So, Good luck With Youtube

Users at Youtube

YouTube reveals it now has more than 1.5 BILLION users now and as the time goes, It is becoming harder for new youtubers to settle.

2. Make an Android app

  • Google is giving opportunities for developers to make their apps and publish them on Android Markets like Google Play and Amazon Appstore .
  • AdMob , Adword and Adsense are the open sources in app earnings.
  • Earning with app is the safest and fastest method to get earnings.

It also works on Advertisements. You place ads in your application and you get paid for each time any user click on the ad or after 1000 impressions, you will get paid for showing their ads to 1000 people. It also depend upon the currency and country that you are in.

Make an app and earn a great reward.

Top Earner

Pete CashMore is at no.1 among top ten Google AdSense Earners in the World. He is the founder of

Monthly Earning: Around 455,000$

This is Google's acronym for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness

3. Advertise With Google

Google also give you the chance to advertise your products to reach out for your customers. Google Adwords help the clients to advertise their products on social platforms and in this way users can maximize the traffic and the revenue but google charge the clients for the each advertisement on each product.

So, be careful if you are not interested in investing

The average cost per click in Google AdWords is between $1 and $2 on the search network. The average CPC on the Display Network is under $1. The most expensive keywords in AdWords and Bing Ads cost $50 or more per click

4. Make Your Own Website

  • The more the traffic at your website will increase the more the Bucks you will gain.
  • This method is very useful for freelancers by using adsense.

It also works by placing ads by Google on your own website and when the users watch the ads or click them, Google pay you for the traffic on their products. This method is similar to making app and placing ads on your app.

You should be aware of the spammer ad companies.

Kevin P Ryan is the CEO & founder of He gives good reason for second place in our list top ten AdSense earners in the world because his monthly earnings from Google Adsense is…..

Monthly Earning: Approx 120,000 $

5. Work For A Website

  • working for a website is easier to manage.
  • earnings depend upon the skills of worker

Working on a website like Hubpages,com is very easy as u have to just write for them and If you get good traffic and made a good repo then with time your earnings will increase - depending on your skills.

You just need to sign up and write.

Hope this article help you choosing the suitable way to earn with Google


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© 2018 Rehan Ahmed


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    • JitendraMahato profile image

      Jitendra Mahato 4 days ago from Nepal

      Yes. These 5 tips are great. I have used one your tips that is blogging. I have one website ( and making money with Google Adsense. Yes, it is good interesting work for me.