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5 Simple Tips For Marketing Your Restaurant Online

Updated on February 2, 2008

Defining Your LTV

5 Simple Tips for Marketing Your Restaurant Online


This is part of a series of articles that I'm doing to answer common questions that I get from offline businesses about online marketing. This article will cover tips for marketing your restaurant. Many people have asked me why you would spend the money to build a website for a restaurant. I say it comes down to understanding your customer LTV. When they ask me what LTV mean I send them to the video that's on the right. Check it out, and you will learn what LTV stands for too.

If you are creative enough there are endless ways that you can use the internet to market your restaurant and communicate with your clients. In this article I will cover 5 simple ways that anyone can market their restaurant.

Tip #1 Have a Website

Even if all it has is a picture of your building, your address and phone number you are still doing better than much of your competition.

But I suggest that you have a lot more than that. At a minimum you should have a picture and details about your owner, chef or manager's background and experience. You should have a copy of your menu and wine list with notes from the chef. You should have a Google or Yahoo Map or a link to their map showing where your business is located. There are many other more advanced features that I'll cover in another article.

Tip #2 Tell people about your website

This might be an obvious one, but you would be surprised. You need to mention your website on all of your marketing materials and on the bottom of your checks.

Tip #3 Collect e-mail addresses*

You can offer discounts to people to drive them online. Ask them to fill out a survey for a free desert or even have a monthly drawing for a free dinner. It will be worth it if you use their e-mail addresses properly.

Have a contest with your servers giving them s free dinner for getting the most people to sign up. You can do this by collecting a server's name when you collect their e-mail address.

Tip #4 Have an e-mail newsletter

It doesn't need to be some fancy thing that someone spends an entire day on. All you need is a recipe from your chef and a note from the manager or chef explaining any news and reminding people to get their reservations in early for special events. It's very simple to do with the tools available today.

Tip #5 Ask your customers for feedback

Using online survey tools it makes it extremely easy to have a dialogue with you customers. You can do simple customer service surveys, you can ask them who their favorite server is, or you can even let them vote new items on and old items off of the menu. Your customers will enjoy the interaction.

*You will want to use an autoresponder service like Aweber


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    • Sally Dillon profile image

      Sally Dillon 10 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      I enjoyed listening to your tape on LTV! Thx!