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6 Factors That Triggers Resignation.

Updated on September 22, 2014

As a newly graduate, one of your main goal is to get a job. Once you get the job, your goal is to do your best, impress your superior and step up the career ladder.

These goals can be achieve if things are working as plan but sometimes there are factors that can prevent you from achieving these goals and you end up writing your resignation letter.


1. Your degree is not related to your job.

Most of newly graduates landed on their first job that are not related to their college degree. Due to the competition, some are not lucky enough to find the right job. I ended up grabbing an opportunity that was not related to my degree just to support my needs.

The job itself was challenging and I had a chance to meet different people in different nationality but after staying for a year I left the company.

Although they offered a permanent position, I've realized that I’m already capable of doing something that I’m not good at and I have nothing more to prove to myself in the company and lastly, this was not the job that I wanted in the first place. Your ability to do your best and strive for excellence will depend on how you love and enjoy what you’re doing.


2. No specialization.

If you’re a type of person who wants to have a specialization in a certain field but you were always assigned in different fields for every 2 or 4 months then try to look for opportunities in other companies but if you like exploring other fields within the organization then stay.

Sometimes it's a good opportunity to explore other fields in your career as long as you've already build a strong foundation in your chosen field of expertise.

It’s better to hire a programmer with 1 year solid JAVA programming experience than someone with 3 months in java, 1 month, 2 months c#, 4 months HTML and 2 months php.

Solid specialization on a certain field will make you standout to other employees.

3. Financial changes

When you're still single there are things that are not yet being considered until you get married. There will be changes in your goals once you marry your partner and have a child. One of the changes is the financial needs.

If you think that your income is not enough to support your family or you’re planning to buy a house, insurance or preparation for your child school expenses then you should try to consider other source of income or look for a new job with higher salary.

4. Underpaid

Some employee are not aware that they are underpaid until they'v heard it from there friends who already left the company or after they performed some research about salary rate that are related to their skills. If you already tried asking for a raise after evaluating your current skill but with no luck then start searching for a company that provide a better salary packages.


5. No work and life balance

Your working most of your time without having a quality time with your family. During a hectic schedule in the office, our superiors made sure that the members have a "No Overtime Day" once a week. You’re already spending most of your time in the office everyday and if you're going to spend the remaining time allotted for your family to your work related stuff, it might affect your relationship. Besides you need to take a rest to be more productive and it will start once you step out of your office.

6. Misalign career path

When you move your way up of the career ladder, there are changes in your roles and responsibilities. The management is expecting more from you by assigning you to multiple projects, multiple departments or sometime be part of the sales team which is not you forte.

These are seems to be a good thing since you will be expose to different areas of the company and you will learn a lot from these new tasks.

Changes in your job description are part in every position in the company but if those changes will cause you to lose track of your career goals because you were diverted to different path then you should try to re-evaluate your goals if you will still stick with it or accept the new challenges.

If the career path defined by your company doesn’t match with your goals and they are not willing to reconsider your desired path then try to look for it in other companies.

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