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5 Essential Email Marketing Tips

Updated on March 25, 2017
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Cindy raised her son while working from home and knows that a little professionalism goes a long way-home or office!

Reaching out to potential clients

For business owners large and small, advertising your brand has never been so easy. Nearly every person in the world today is connected to the internet somehow and every one of these people is a potential customer to you. Whether your business is online or a brick and mortar store, there is a way you can reach anyone with an internet connection via their home computers, cell phones, laptops and tablets.

It’s called email marketing, and when utilized the right way, it can be your best friend. Email marketing enables you to offer your product to everyone who may be interested in it, in short time. You simply design an ad or brochure and send it out to all your previous customers and new, potential customers. When they respond to your email, they are taken to your website and there your business grows.

Remember, people don’t read emails, they scan them.

The idea is to make your email stand out from the rest. So how exactly to you get your email noticed and read? Try offering something fun for the reader. Interactive emails almost always get opened up. Here are some innovative ways to catch a reader’s attention and turn them into a customer:

1. Polls

Ask the recipient to take a poll-something related to your product or service. Allow them to see the results of the poll. They will naturally be curious as to how many others feel the same way as them.

2. Surveys

Offer a fun survey (Try Survey Monkey to create one) with an incentive for completion such as a dollar amount or percentage off the advertised product or a free gift. The survey should have something to do with the niche your selling.

3. Contests

Have a contest. Ask readers to submit a short story telling how they would use your product to their benefit or ask them to submit a photo of them using your product. Offer a great reward like a gift card or free product in return for the winner, with a few smaller prizes for the runners up.

4. Coupons

Offer a coupon they can print out and use on a future purchase. If they don’t buy your product at that time, they may consider it later, every time they see that coupon.

5. Votes

Ask them to vote on a name for your product. Not only is it fun, but the winner is sure to tell all their friends about the new product they named…giving you more free advertising!

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    • joinmartin01 profile image

      John Martin 3 months ago from San Francisco

      Lots of good email marketing tips in one place – thanks for this one!