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5 Smart Tips To A More Productive Home Office

Updated on June 7, 2011

Working from home has its ups and downs. The best parts are of course making your own hours, no commute, and ultimate comfort. These ups can also bring you down. Making your own hours means you can be your own boss, and that usually leads to slacking. No commute may mean money saved on the pump, but staying at home all day working in your room can become a burden after a while, you need to get out and interact with others. And of course ultimate comfort is good when your randomly hungry or want to wear pjs to work all the time, but those benefits also means you can easily slack on the job and not take things seriously.

Thats why I have 5 quick and smart tips on how to have a more productive work time during your office hours, which leads me to the first tip.

  1. Set hours that work - You don't always have to work the typical 9-5 hours, but set hours when you are alert and productive and make sure you work during those hours. The more you pump out during those specified hours, the more break time you get later.
  2. Keep a pen and pad nearby - When your working throughout the day, you get calls and notifications reminding you about a million different things. Write them down on a pad next to you and forget it while you are working on your current task. At the end of the workday, review everything you wrote down, cross out completed tasks, and save the rest for the next workday.
  3. Keep the office clean - This sounds probably quite redundant since everyone knows that a good clean office means more productive environment. Just remember to keep your table clean, and keep all daily necessities like paper and pen nearby.
  4. Chair, chair, chair - Working at home, I can tell you that you work as well as your chair can support you. I work hours at a time sitting on my chair, and that can get quite tiring. So next time your upgrading your home office chair, really test it out and sit on it for a while before you make the purchase decision. Go with ergonomic chairs, they help for when you put in long hours at your office.
  5. Take interval breaks - For every hour you work, set 10 minutes to just walk away and do something besides work. Grab a snack, take a quick walk, watch some tv. Just get your mind away from work, and you'll be sure to feel more fresh when you walk back in 10 minutes later.


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