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5 Quick Tips to Increase Social Engagement And Traffic

Updated on January 11, 2015

You've seen social insights? They are amazing and happily shocking; right? Most social media sites are perfect for marketing to drive sales and traffic; which are the exact results you are looking for.

In fact, a simple and proper social sharing drive millions of daily visitors. Unfortunately, we are not all social influencer with large following. Therefore, we do not record the same success!

It has been discovered that social traffic is not for influencer only. It is true; influencers rock!

Everything they release on the internet is a scoop, tend to be viral and they drive a lot of traffic and even sales.

This post aim to discuss about social sharing tips to increase engagement and double traffic on your website.

In fact, social sharing tips are not secret. They are shared across the web; but sometimes they are misunderstood or even ignored by standard social media user. We’ll share these methods, dig into them and highlight their impacts and easiness.


The secrets social sharing methods to increase social engagement

The success of a social sharing do not start with the sharing of your updates on social networks. It start with the creation and maintenance of your social accounts and website. Everything count to reach higher audience on the internet!

Luckily, they are easy steps everyone can follow to taste the same internet success. Anyone can drive thousands of daily traffic right through social media marketing! This video highlights social trends and stats for 2013; see how much traffic you can get and start optimizing!

Social trends ans stats for 2013! Opportunities are endless!

External steps to engaged social media sharing

It is not a magic process and require some manual actions. We will start with the actions external to social sharing but necessary for bigger impacts. They are actions we must take with our website and social accounts.

Complete Your Social Profile

A complete profile means a lot for web audience. It reflects seriousness, valuable content on that network and even more… A complete profile is generally high quality profile picture, short and comprehensive description and optionally brand or products portfolio. The most important for social media sharing is profile picture. Make sure your profile picture is well shown on news feed and your personal profile. The best performing are logo, personal photos and cartoons. Need an idea about the perfect image size for your social media profile? read this article by Jessica about top social networks profile picture size!

Create a large network

Make sure you create a network for your sharing. If you received updates from anyone, social networks could be the most annoying human idea; but fortunately it is not the case. The same rules apply to anyone on social network; to reach someone on social media, he needs to be in your network or in network of your networks.

Take time to build a community around you on social media. It is recommended to be natural and do for others what you expect them to do for you; it includes following them, reply to their sharing, likes, etc… In short, you interact. The popular network user are the ones who took time to show a particular interest to their networks.

Create Quality Content

Another external steps to success in social media marketing is the quality of what you are sharing. What is the importance of your resources for your network? Create interesting content that will attract your network to like, comment, check out and expand your audience. In short, be a creative marketer.

Insert Micro Schema on your website

Make your content meaningful to social media content curator with micro schema. The most popular micro data schema markup for social network is open graph; but schema format is gaining in popularity and understood by social networks too.

That way, you can control the sharing’s look of your content over social networks. If you were the only one who will share your content, you could exclude micro data markup. But as we will talk about it, it is recommended to open your site for sharing! Anyone who read your content should be able to spread the word about it.

Add social sharing buttons to your pages

You would be very limited in audience if you were the only one who share your own content. What if you got some help? Get helped by your readers; add social sharing buttons to your website. Readers are willing to share interesting contents with their networks; but will do it only if the buttons are handy! With interesting content, you get social interactions (shares), with micro schema integration to style appearance, you get traffic in return.

Need social audience!!
Need social audience!! | Source

Improve your social sharing to increase engagement and double traffic

With the optimization you made according to the above tips, you’re ready to share your content. Sharing is the final step and the right method matter if you want to get interactions. These 5 following social sharing methods with help you go beyond your existing social marketingperformance.

1.- Create visual sharing

The vision is a power, the image is a booster. Among a billions of words, an single image will attract the attention. Perhaps because readers know that it can tell a thousand words! In fact, they expect the image to tell them about the content on a social sharing. Take time to create image that talk about your creative writing ( article, blog posts, slideshow, video,etc…). Image bigger than 500 X 240 pixels perform well on most social networks; even on visual social networks like Pinterest.

2.- Use Hash tags effectively

Hash tags also are powerful. Adopted by most popular social networks; they are reputed to drive unexpected traffic and followers to people who make use of them. My twitter profile with hash tags in description get daily follower even when i am not active on the network. I got help from twitter searches and hash tags. It works the same on social networks like Facebook, Google +, Tumblr and Pinterest which allow hash tag use.

When you use hash tags, you are no more limited by your networks. You are linked to people by interest. You can reach more people simply because they are connected in interested in the hash tags. We know that hash tags is somewhat category in online communities.

3.- Promote on right social media

You create your content and hit publish on your website or on someone else’s website like i did it on HubPages with that article. You are exciting and know the power of social media. Your first intention, spread the word across as much social networks as you can. Let me stop you; you risk to label your content as spam and hurt your site more than you can heal it.

It is recommended to use the right social network to promote your content. Niche social network is somehow more powerful to drive traffic than general social networks; people are more connected and more interactive. Even on general social networks, users are grouped under same interests. So, a careful choice is crucial to increase engagement.

Make sure the social bookmarks sites you are using accept content for the category your sharing is under. For general social networking sites, target your sharing to interested users and use the proper hash tags.

4.- Edit headline accordingly

The headline is important and each social networks has his format key for an ideal headline. Don’t promote your post with the same headline when you are allowed to edit it. It can help you get repeated users who are in more than one of your networks.

Also, people differs in many ways, the same content may appear interesting with an headline and not with another headline. On social networks where repeated sharing are allowed for same content, promote your content twice with two different headline; it is recommended to share another stuff between the two promotions.

The headline, like the image, and even more when the network accept text only, is the glass of your store. It attract or reject user by an overview of what is available inside.

5.- Interact back to your sharing

Another key for more engagement on social network is to engage with users who engage with your sharing. If someone left a comment, make sure you reply; you can also interact with just a like if the user just congratulate the effort you put in content’s creation.

As you interact, you will increase popularity of your post! Some social networks will set your post as featured content on their home page and others special places where you can get even more interactions. Even more interactions means more traffic for your website and more sales if you market products.

Social Media Insights

Social Media
Monthly Unique Visitors
1.26 billions
300 000 000
1.26 billion
800 000 000
1 billion
38 000 000 (Desktop)
259 million
184 million
some stats taken from

Recall that social engagement is a rapport between the impressions and interactions with your updates. If you get a like and a comment for an impression, you get 200% engagement on social networks. But the most important interaction for us is a visit for our website! let’s apply those social sharing secrets in our daily social sharing to continuously double and increase our site traffic!


Which method increases engagement the most?

See results

© 2014 Pierre Eustache C.


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