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5 Strange Ways to Find a Job

Updated on September 23, 2014

It's Not Dad's Job Market

Competition for jobs is rampant since the recession began, and networking or resumes may not be enough. It is no longer our parent's job market - it is a highly competitive area where only the best of the best will find themselves with jobs. Those who have jobs are afraid to leave because those without jobs simply aren't finding anything to compare to what they once had. Mark yourself as an innovative job seeker with a few simple unconventional methods of standing out from the rest of the crowd.

Show Vulnerability

In the past, knowledge was power. Today's work world, however, is intolerable of know-it-all's, especially since Google can give you enough power to sound like you know what you're talking about. Understanding that you don't know everything makes you look like a person who is willing to learn, and those willing to learn are those willing to bend to company policies. Companies don't want someone who already knows everything; it's important to admit that you don't have all the answers to communicate that you are willing to learn new polices. Prove that you are willing to learn and companies will be more interested.

Create a Position

Don't wait for the perfect position to open - create one yourself. Decide what industry suits you then research a few target companies in that industry. Determine an issue they may be having through public knowledge resources and devise a solution to the issue. Post the solution to a public forum or blog, then share it with the company. Expect nothing in return, and the company will take notice faster. You are positioning yourself to have a solution, but not to look like a job seeker. You will look more enticing to the company.


This tip may seem like a no brainer, but not enough job seekers know when to stop talking. As a job seeker, the motivation is to sell oneself. Stop trying to sell and start engaging in active listening. Learn when to stop talking, when to ask questions and how to use body language to communicate an active listening style. Employers want employees who will pay attention to what's going on around them; active listening demonstrates an ability to let others interject opinions above your own.

Don't Apply Right Away

One of the most frustrating parts of the job hunt is the dreaded Internet search. Scrolling through job after job, applying everywhere and never hearing back is a normal part of the process. If there is a job that looks interesting, research the company and personnel. Contact someone in the office and communicate that you are impressed with the company. Keep communication open, without mentioning the job opening. Hopefully, the opening will be mentioned to you, and you can ask how to get your resume to the right person. It's a risk to try to communicate with someone within the company, but it's the modern day version of networking.

Body Language

This has always been important, but for some reason, not enough job seekers realize just how essential body language is to the interview. Keep body language in mind, because negative body language will destroy the whole interview. Let your body language communicate confidence without becoming arrogant, and never let it make you look afraid. Be sure to watch the interviewer's body language to know if you are communicating correctly; know the signs of a person who is happy to be in your presence over one who can't wait to get you out of the office.


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