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5 Tips For A Job Interview

Updated on September 22, 2012

5 Tips For A Job Interview

1. Dress for success – When going to an interview you need to know that you only have 1 shot to impress your potential future employer. You don't want their first impression of you is that you’re a slob with messy hair and dress like a homeless person.

2. Keep your facebook clean – Too many university graduates post pictures of themselves “partying hard” on facebook. Nowadays most employs will check your facebook to see what you are like in your daily life. If they see a picture of you half-naked and throwing up into a garbage can, it wouldn't matter how good that resume is.

3. Confidence – Normally the first question of an interviewer is “Are you nervous?” most people are not aware that the interview has already started. Most people will answer with “a little” or “yes”. Actually the best answer is “not at all”. Employers want to see a confident person not someone who is worried or shy.

4. Handshake – The interviewer is very likely to shake hands with you. Remember not to shake there hand as if it is a wet fish. Also use only one hand, there are people from certain cultures that use 2 hands when they handshake…DON’T

5. Don't be late – I was always taught “If you are on time you are already 15 minutes late”. Punctuality is very important when going to an interview. You don’t want your potential employer to think that you have time management problems or that you don't care about this job. If you arrive early you have time to calm/cool yourself down before the interview.


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