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5 Tips To Make The Most Out Of Any Job Fair

Updated on November 22, 2013

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Tip 1 | Dress For Success

When you walk in to a job fair as a job seeker not dressed for the part/ job role you are hoping to get, HR heads are not really going to be excited about your candidature are they?

Put a premium on grooming, personality, presentation.

Here is my rule for job seekers - wear the same thing to a job fair that you would wear if you were meeting the company general manager at the company.

Tip 2 | Research

You have to research the companies coming to a fair.

You must know the company profile etc, history, brands, what they typically look for.

Prepare answers to the following questions:

- Why do you want to work with us?

- What do you think about our brands?

- What have you heard / what do you know about our company?


Tip 3 | Prepare

preparation includes:

resume making - see for more

interview practice,

making sure you know the venue,


documents etc.

Too many over confident and Ill-prepared job seekers are disappointed at job fairs.

Tip 4 | Make the most of the opportunity

A job fair can be daunting, I appreciate that. When there are more than 15 companies present at one location on one day, it can get terrifying. But you need to look at this as an opportunity, a massive opportunity. Meet as many recruiters as you can. Don't get disheartened if someone says no. Pls understand recruiters may or may not offer letters immediately but of they are there for a whole day or two, they are there to hire and if not hire, then short list for sure.

Tip 5 | Be Gracious

If you get an offer say thank you,. If you get five, still say thank you. It is in bad taste to go back to recruiters and ask for more salary just because you received 3 more offers.

On the other hand, if you are not offered a position, do not get angry and start complaining to HR that you have wasted a whole day to meet them and still it is a no. Be gracious, ask what you can do to improve and when you could apply again.

Additional tip | Take Responsibility

It is your career. Telling the organizing team that what's the use if everyone is not meeting you or if everyone should get a job or that there is too much crowd, is really not required. It is an open event and you can make an informed decision on whether you want to participate or not.


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