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5 Tips on How to Make Your Tutorial Business in the Philippines Boom

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and have been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Building your tutorial business is like building Lego blocks.
Building your tutorial business is like building Lego blocks. | Source

Learn the Ropes in the Tutorial Business

Whether you are planning to expand your tutorial business in the future or you are just tutoring as a part time job, it always pays to learn from others.

Tutoring could be a lucrative business for as long as you give it enough time and learn the ropes. While you are tutoring part time, start writing your journal and listing all important tips and guides that you find useful. You will never know if you will soon be the owner of a reputable tutorial center. Many big companies started small and gradually expanded. It’s always good to dream and strive hard to achieve it.



Here are some simple tips to consider when starting a tutorial business in the Philippines.

  1. Understand Your Business

Before plunging into the tutorial business, you should first understand what you are going into. Even a teacher cannot just start a tutorial business and expects it to be a success.

No. The art of tutoring is a learned skill. Yes, anyone can teach if it is only teaching that we are talking about, the truth is, it is easy to teach. Anybody can do it. But what does tutoring really mean? Is it just teaching?

When you decide to start a tutorial business, teaching will only be a small part of your job; the bigger part is mentoring and communicating with your students, parents and also their teachers in school.

Tutorial business is a big job. You don’t only teach but you learn to be a mentor to your students. Mentoring includes imparting knowledge, molding the children to become better children, patching up flaws and straightening mistakes.

Although people think that tutoring is teaching academic subjects as follow up to the student’s lesson in school, part of being a tutor is developing good values in them.

Tutoring is giving service so make sure that you are rendering good service.


2. Know Your Students

Your students are your best assets. They are what make your business. Without your students, you have no business. This is why you should know your students.

Knowing your students means understanding their individuality. No two children are the same. Children always differ, not only in their intellectual capabilities but also their characteristics. As you tutor more students, you will encounter different personalities. This experience is what will make you a better mentor. Be more considerate to those who most need it and appreciate those who deserve it.

Strive to adapt to these different personalities so that you will succeed in your tutorial business. It can be cumbersome at first but once you develop your own technique in handling different types of kids, mentoring becomes fun and interesting.



3. Socialize with Parents

You are not only dealing with students but more especially you deal with the student’s parents. The parents are your clients; they own the purse that nurtures your business and they decide for their children. It is important that you have good communication with them.

If the parents like you, it is more likely that they will bring their children for tutorial lessons to you. If they like your job, they will recommend your tutorial services.

We get most of our students through referrals. Only a few are walk-in.


It is important to socialize with parents.
It is important to socialize with parents. | Source

4. Know Your Competitors

There’s something good in knowing your competitors. You have to find out what your competitors are doing. If you want to succeed, do what your competitors aren’t doing. If they charge high; charge your students lower. If they charge fees for over time, don’t charge additional fees for extended time. These and many more will be plus points on your part.

Parents always compare things. They compare fees. They compare the programs. They compare the type of place where the children have tutorial lessons, etc. You need to find something that your competitors do not have that you can offer.

In our case, we have one of the lowest fees in our area. We don’t bill extended time and we provide activity sheets.


5. Keep Learning

Don’t stop learning new things. The learning process has no end. You always have new things to learn especially in this computer age where technology keeps advancing. Learn from your students. They can teach you many lessons as you interact with them. You will learn also from parents as they coordinate with you. Learn as you go.

The internet world is also a great place to learn a variety of new things. Keep learning so that you will not be left behind.

The new generation is a techno-savvy group of youngsters. They can ask you questions that are out of this world. You will be surprised how smart they are when it comes to the new technology. Join them and have fun with the discussions.



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