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5 Tips to Get Recognised in Your Workplace

Updated on March 10, 2016

Are you frustrated that you have not been recognised appropriately in your workplace? Nothing parallels the agony of working for long hours and taking up projects continuously and not being recommended for the promotion you have been aspiring for. Your intention may be to prove that you have a distinct edge over your peers but remember that working for long hours and taking up projects continuously may not get you recognition in your workplace. But there are a few ways you can adopt for advancing in your career.

1. Enjoy your work for delivering an impressive output

The kick of enjoying what you do is inexplicably immense. Not only that, if you enjoy your work, you can deliver an impressive output that your managers will certainly notice also. On the other hand, if you think that you can impress your managers by working for long hours, you are wrong. In fact, your contribution to the company's growth may not be 'visible' even if you work for longer hours. But managers will remember your impressive output and recognise it by considering you for the promotion you have been aspiring for.

You may ask - "How can I enjoy the work that I don't like to do?" Dale Carnegie has come out with a wonderful and workable solution for this. He suggests the "act as if" principle for learning to like the job you do.

2. Ease your stress

Experts have written reams about the wisdom of easing stress while working. It is by using smart ways you can ease your stress while carrying out your tasks. Stress-free working will increase your output also. But traditional minded people seem to be oblivious of this fact and they think that they have to work hard and for longer hours for increasing their output. This is convoluted thinking. What if the output refuses to improve? These people do not appear to have an answer.

If you carbon-copy the attitude of these traditional-minded people, you will also tend to commit the mistake of working hard and for longer hours. But neither your output will increase nor your managers will notice this. On the contrary, if you work with a stress-free mind, you will be brimming with extra ounces of confidence. This will help you meet deadlines easily. You will be able to deliver quality output as well.

3. Relationships matter the most

Developing excellent relationships with your co-workers is more important than spending longer hours at your desk. If you adopt smart ways and complete your work well ahead of time, you can help your co-workers and team members in completing their work. You can thus develop good relationships with them. The nub of this point is your managers will certainly notice this and so, this will help you in climbing up your career ladder.

4. Do not be an average Joe

If you do not want to be branded as an average Joe, you must prove that you are a turbo-charged employee. For leaping into limelight, you should be the first to confidently stake claims to do challenging projects when they come up. Apart from getting chances to explore new realms, you can improve your abilities to overcome challenges also.

By punching above your weight, you will not only be lording over your peers but will give sufficient hints to your managers about the quality of fibre you are made of. Since you will be proving that you can be relied upon when challenging projects come up, you can expect quick growth in your career.

5. Don't underplay yourself during discussions

If you think that you should always agree with the opinions of your managers for being considered for promotions, you are wrong. If you have some pertinent points to make, there is no need to underplay yourself during discussions. Even when you show your willingness to take up challenging projects, you need not hesitate to express your views if doubts persist in your mind about the viability of the projects.

Managers will also do well if they understand that assessment or evaluation of projects cannot be a solitary exercise but should be inescapably discursive. The fact is decisions made without threadbare discussions can be incarcerating. So, for the growth of your company, you should be ready to express your views. Managers will view them in the right perspective and consider you for promotions at the appropriate time.


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