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How To Write A Winning Resume That Gets You Your Job - 10 Tips To An Effective CV

Updated on May 5, 2015
Having the right resume is the foundation to getting the desired job you qualify for.
Having the right resume is the foundation to getting the desired job you qualify for.

Cover Letters

Get Noticed With The Right Resume Information

There are so many people going back to work and depend on their resumes to get them in the front door but unknowingly send out resumes that do the exact opposite. What they need is effective help creating a great resume to get them noticed.

I was privileged to sit in a workshop that opened my eyes to the ways potential employees reviewed resumes today and in turn helped others when reorganizing their resume. We can't produce our resumes the same way we did for years. The jobs you want all are listening to the same radio station WII-FM What In It For Me

W I I - FM

Today's headhunter want to cut through the chase and want to know what you can do for them now. You can't catch attention by telling about all of your past jobs without tell how you affected each on. What did you do? What did you accomplished? How did that affect the bottom line?

If you were self employed and now are looking for work, leave that part out and play on your experiences and skills that your prospective employees find desirable; after all you don't want them to think you're a flight risk. That being said... A cover letter is in order.

Cover Letter

Don't get caught up in the bad advice that a cover letter is not needed. A cover letter is more than what position you are applying for and how they can contact you; it tells what you can do for them which sets up your resume to tell how you can back it up with training and experience. I will be short and concise and will determine why your resume should be viewed.

Let's get started...

Hopefully we all understand that the resume format type to use depends on our time in the workforce, experience and if we are changing fields. For example a person right out of high school or college would not use the same type of resume as a person that has worked over 10 years as a computer analyst. Nor would a person who has been unemployed for several years write a chronological resume.

Resume Etiquette - Social Media No No's

Always be aware that companies don't like to waste money on the wrong candidate and many pay good money to dig into your business on websites such as Facebook to be certain they are taking risk on the right person. Even if you have a great resume your associates or yourself can be the undoing of your potential job.

  • No nudity
  • No political messages
  • Scandalous associates

Studies show that your resume has only 15 seconds to get attention...

It is very important to use the most effective resume format, legible font along with the important triggers to get your resume noticed by the HR professional, scanner, hiring manager or recruiter; however it has to first stand out and get attention in only 15 seconds before it is read.

Studies show you only have 15 seconds to be noticed. Once you are noticed you need the proper power words and statements to get your interview.

Find Company Scan Friendly Keyword Terms

What the scanners are looking for are the keywords that let's them know you have what they need. You can make sure you have those keywords by first visiting their website or job add and using the terms they use when they describe what they want. Use the exact terms in your cvs (resume) and objections.

Writing An Effective CV

Before You Write Your Effective Resume

  • Determine the right type of resume format to properly present your resume. You may have to use a combination. People in the technology, arts or other fields may have their own formats to use.
  • Make your resume ethically pleasing, easy to read and to understand information by using the right font, enlarging, bolding, spacing, using bullet points and dates.
  • Research your potential employer and use power words that will capture their attention in your (if requested) cover letter, experience and/or objection.

2 Popular Types of Resume Formats

You must first determine the right type of resume format to use. Using the wrong type will not get you noticed any faster and could be a detriment in your job search. (There are also video and website video resume.)

  1. Chronological resumes is great for those in the same field for years; it focuses on time and continuity. Using a chronological resume when trying to change fields may not show the pertinent experience needed. In short it is not good to use when transitioning into a new field of work.
  2. Functional resumes are for those with very little work experience, gaps in work history and/or ready to change their line of work. It is used to focus on experience and skills.In a functional resume you can add new experiences and skills without the restraints of a chronological format that requires you to list and date you acquired such experience.

Prepare For Your Interview Before Your Interview

10 Resume Writing Don't's

Here are mistakes not to make when writing your resume. Making these mistakes can have you ignored or noticed for the wrong reasons giving you no chance at all to make the best first impression.

If you don't want your resume to get tossed, Do Not:

  1. Do not leave out your Cover Letter. Tossed
  2. Do not have half pages - Tossed
  3. Do not overuse bold or italics - Tossed
  4. Do not add references - Let them call you.
  5. Do not over use jargons - Tossed
  6. Do not use to many "I's" - Tossed
  7. Do not use bad grammar - This will surely get your resume tossed.
  8. Do not go back over 15 years - This will expose your age or make you over-qualified.
  9. Do not add dates to education - This will expose your age.
  10. Do not lack passion in your objection - If you don't care neither will they. Tossed

Resume Formatting

10 Tips To An Effective Resume CV

When your resume is being scanned by an recruiter, HR or hiring manager there is only 15 seconds to get noticed. Beside having your name slightly larger and bolded because you are selling yourself,they are looking for:

  1. Always include your personal details such as address, phone number, email etc
  2. List your career objective along with your knowledge, ability and expectations
  3. *Career summary to support your objective using no more than 100 words
  4. Accomplishments and achievement to show your effective quantifiable results over the years that are work related
  5. Employment history should include key duties and responsibilities. Employees especially look at your first two jobs. Newly graduated; add internships with accomplishments
  6. Education should have your diplomas or certifications. If your seasoned it is not necessary to add high school.
  7. Training and Interest are to be included if relevant
  8. Reference added only if requested preferably after your interview. Sell yourself first
  9. Make sure your CV is reader friendly, well structured, clear and concise.
  10. Keywords in your CV should be job related to be picked up by scanners and other sophisticated software.

*There are still debates regarding using both "Objectives" and/or "Summaries"; some say to choose one or the other.

They should be brief, clear and straight to the point while including the experience or skills they desire. Use resume action words with details In your objection and experience description. Below are only a few of the many you can use when describing what you do and how you can bring value to the company you want to work for.

  • authored
  • earned
  • managed
  • balanced
  • created
  • cultivated
  • diversified

Example: Even if you have only worked at fast food restaurants finally about to score big after college. Your past work can show more than flipping burgers.

"With over 5 years in the customer service industry I am a great communicator, self motivated and a strong team player. I finish whatever I start I take directions and I always make my managers look good. I believe I have what it takes to move forward in your business as an asset."

  • managed teams of 10 to 15 people daily
  • serviced 80 to 100 people per shift
  • Responsible for opening and closing business
  • Lead team and management meeting

Thank You Letter After Your Interview

You think you job is over? Think again. Sending a "Thank You" letter is the icing on the cake and could be what pushes a choice in your favor. You should send in with in 24 hours no longer than 48 hours to be truly effective.

Thank the person that interviewed with on March 01, 201x, Tell why your qualified and can help the company and how you are looking forward to hearing from them after the interview process and how they can contact you though email or phone number. Always sign "Regards" or "Sincerely"

My goal is to bring awareness of how very important your resume is. You can not leave it to chance. Really consider every statement and how you word your sentences. Your resume is more than listing your skills that you need for a job; it is the determining factor of you being the right candidate that a company would invest in.

That being said, if you happened to have been self employed for years it is best to just list your experience as an employee at that company. You don't want be seen as a flight risk. I hope that makes sense.

Using the right resume type is a great start to having the best resume possible and hopefully the other tips give you great success. I want to add that it is imperative to sign up for and complete your online resume. Many companies go to LinkedIn without advertising a position at all. Not being online is unacceptable today if your looking for work.

Follow the guidelines and produce a cover letter, thank you letter and resume that stands out, captures attention and gets you called for an interview. Be sure to learn effective Interviewing techniques in time to finish landing your dream job and paycheck with your new resume writing skills.


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    • Elearn4Life profile imageAUTHOR

      Darlene Matthews 

      3 years ago

      Those are great ideas. However field such as the IT field aren't to keen on trendy. Thanks for your helpful tips antigravity!

    • antigravity profile image


      3 years ago

      Update your resume regularly. Always make trendy & modern resume.

    • Elearn4Life profile imageAUTHOR

      Darlene Matthews 

      4 years ago

      Thanks for your valuable comment Ms Dora

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Your very first sentence in bold letters is itself a lesson. I wish I had read this information when it was useful to me, but I will surely recommend it. Thank you so much. Voted Up!


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