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5 Marketing Tips to Go About Your Year-End Fundraising

Updated on December 19, 2017

Here are 5 tips that could help you out in your Year End Fundraising:

The holiday season is that time of the year when giving truly picks up. Data suggests that as much as 31 percent of donations that are received in a year come at this time alone. The year-end being a season full of festivities is that time of the year when people are generally filled with generosity. People count their blessings and giving is seen as a way of thanking back. Apart from this feeling of generosity, people look at ways to maximize their charitable tax deductions before the all-important deadline of December 31.

Now to make the most out of the opportunities on offer during this time of the year your year-end fundraising strategy must be a well thought out one. You need to apply all the best practices and lessons that you have learnt from your past efforts. You need to think about your donors and make it easy for them to give.

Following are 5 the tips that could help you out in your Year End Fundraising:

Understand your donors

Analyse all your past data on your donors. Study their giving habits. How frequently do they give? Have they been a part of recurring donations? How much does each one of them donate? Once you have answers to all these questions, you are at a much better position to target them specifically. You should also study your potential donors who seem to have shown some interest in your cause. Find out ways and strategize on how you could convert them into long term supporters.

Tell an amazing Story

You need to put a human face to all your data and results. Data suggests that people respond much more to stories rather than numbers. You story if articulated in an effective way will leave behind a much greater impression. Make use of campaign donation letters to hit people’s minds and hearts. If done in the right way, it could result in hitting their chequebooks as well.

Keep people updated on your results

People are more like to donate when they could see a direct link between the act of giving and the outcomes of it. Make it tangible and easy for people to see the difference that their efforts are going to bring. Show your past work and the good work that you have done. You need to market every bit of your accomplishment to get the best results. Keep the focus more on the impact and less on the money. This is what you need to sell to your donors.

Make it easy for your donors

Your donors could be just as busy as you are during the end of the year. Your year-end fundraising should involve way to make it easy for them to give and donate on the go. Whenever and however they want to. Make it accessible through different platforms. Make the whole process as simple as you could.

Usage of Social Media

Ask all your volunteers and supporters to share all your messages on their respective social media accounts. This would ensure that you reach to a much wider range of audience. Marketing through social media would have the most far reaching impact. You could reach out to a much greater number of people and trend across a much wider geographical area.

These were a few tips for the year end fundraising. Adhering to it could go a long way in ensuring that you could make the most out of all the opportunities that are on offer.


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