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Top 5 Ways to Avoid Losing Your Shirt While Earning Money from Home-Avoid Risk Free Trials!

Updated on July 13, 2012

Make Money at Home

Buyer Beware!

EARN 6 FIGURES STARTING NEXT WEEK! Sounds great, right? Sounds so great, one wonders, "Could it be true???" The short answer is "No". While the internet has created amazing opportunities and leveled the playing field for pursuing income from home, overnight six figure income online businesses are not part of the game.

How then to navigate the morass of opportunities, offers, pitches and products? Here are some excellent, easy guidelines to follow when you are pursuing your online business.

  1. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Like HubPages, look for business opportunities that don't oversell the income potential. Creating an online income takes time and effort, don't fall for offers proclaiming "automatic" businesses that make money with no effort.
  2. If you do see an offer or opportunity that seems attractive, don't just act on impulse after reading their sales-y pitch page or email. Do some research. Google the product name, the website URL, if the page says what the descriptor will be on your credit card statement, Google that too. See what others who'e tried that opportunity are saying. Slow down and read the terms and conditions; is this a one time purchase or a recurring billing? Be an informed buyer.
  3. If buying into an opportunity, make sure you are not being upsold ancillary other products that you neither need nor want. The cost of marketing online is exorbitant, so marketers will tag other offers on with the primary offer to offset their marketing costs. The problem is they hide the upsells in places you may not be looking. The problem is so prevalent that the Federal Trade Commission and Visa and MasterCard have actually changed their guidelines to attempt to prevent this type of misleading marketing.
  4. Avoid "Free Trials". Free trials are so seemingly risk-free. For a small processing fee, usually 1.95 - 4.95, you can preview a product or service "risk-free". Unfortunately, hidden in the terms and conditions are complicated instructions for what and when constitutes a proper cancellation. Improperly staffed customer service numbers can mean a lengthy hold time to attempt to cancel or even more commonly, you may forget to cancel. Three days later, your credit card is charged a ridiculous amount for a product or service, that 8 times out of 10, has little to no value. Trying to get a refund is even harder than trying to cancel.
  5. Avoid incentives when making business opportunity purchases. This goes for all online or telesales purchases. That free Ipad or $100.00 Walmart card sounds like a great gift to simply try a product or service, but again, cancellation can be difficult and more than often the "free" product has all sorts of stipulations or additional effort to procure. Again, #1 comes to mind, If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. No matter where you're from, a true $100.00 Walmart Card, costs $100.00, and no one can afford to give it to you for free.

Follow these guidelines and realize that the internet is chock-full of free guidance and advice that doesn't require a credit card or bank account to obtain. Making money online does require work and effort and doesn't flood in effortlessly. If you are new to this, make it your goal to make $1.00 online. When you figure out how to do that successfully, you can then repeat the steps to make more. I wish you success in your online business!


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    • suziecat7 profile image

      suziecat7 5 years ago from Asheville, NC

      Some great advice here. There are so many scams, you have to be smart.

    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 5 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Thank you for the read and the vote Ann!

    • Ann810 profile image

      Ann810 5 years ago from Sunny Cali

      Hi Susie, I agree people have to be more careful and learn about how "get rich schemes work." Voted up.

    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 5 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Thank you Curtis! You're not alone trust me!

    • profile image

      Curtis Adriance 6 years ago

      Really useful article. I could have used this advice a couple of hundred dollars ago. I'll be printing this and posting it by my computer so I heed it regularly.

    • susiebrown48 profile image

      susiebrown48 6 years ago from Clearwater, FL

      Thank you Harvey excellent suggestion. Linda, you are absolutely correct there are many companies and opportunities that are honest, and integrity-driven. Due diligence is definitely key. Credence2 Thank you for your kind comments.

    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Timely advice about a medium that can be full of scams. Thanks for the education and allowing me to join your team.

    • Linda Compton profile image

      Linda Compton 6 years ago from The Land of Enchantment

      Excellent comments. As an Internet marketer, I have a wonderful team and represent a company with integrity - however, I have heard some truly heart-wrenching stories from others who didn't follow your guidelines. Thank you for giving sound counsel. For those who do their due diligence, there are some truly viable opportunities out there which are changing people's lives, and that is deeply rewarding. All the best! Linda

    • Harvey75 profile image

      Harvey75 6 years ago from Virginia Beach

      Another great tool is to hit up the BBB. If a company isn't even listed, most likely a scam. If they are listed you can find out all sorts of useful information on them. It is a good starting place.