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5 Ways Investing In Your Own App Can Make You A Millionaire

Updated on March 6, 2016

So, you have an idea to develop an app but you are not sure whether it will earn you enough money? Well, you are not alone. Everyone has an idea for an app, or a desire to be an app owner, but the difference comes in how fast people implement ideas. If you want to make a fortune with an app, act fast and ensure that you always make informed decisions. Here are 5 ways investing in your own app can make you a millionaire:

1. Have the idea

Honestly, if you don’t have THE idea, there is little you can do. There is much more to life than making money, but who wouldn’t admit that money significantly changes life? Just by having an idea of an app that you want to come up with, you are a step ahead. It doesn’t matter whether or not the idea is yours.

All you need to do is to ascertain if the app already exists. You will also need to be clear about the people who will use your app, so ask around to find out if the people support your idea before proceeding. Usually, successful apps are able to solve a problem or bring some fun to those people using them. Therefore, if your app does neither of this, you need to be concerned.

2. Know the specs

If you have never built an app before, consider speaking to someone who has done it before. This is because such people are familiar with the process. You need to know how hard or easy designing your app will be. If it will involve a complex 3D-augmented scratch or something similar, it would be hard to get a working demo. However, if it is quite simple, then proceed. You are on the right track.

3. Know where to get money

If you are not better off financially, then you need to have a concrete plan of how you will raise the money. Most people think that cutting a developer will help solve the cash problems, but this is not usually the case. Remember you will be trying to convince someone to give you cash to finance something that doesn’t exist yet.

Get the facts right, most investors need to see a proof of your concept before they give you financial support. So if you can find an investor who will agree to support you financially without requiring a proof, consider yourself lucky. Otherwise, consider a Kickstarter campaign to raise money.

4. Build it

This is actually the trickiest part. Computer engineers who possess the skills to make the apps are few and thus their demand is high. As such, they can comfortably charge you a price of up to £ 1000 in a single day. Honestly, how can you be a millionaire if this is the amount you will part with on a daily basis? It would be hard! The alternative would be to do it yourself, but this cannot be achieved unless you have a great mastery of the programming language needed to develop apps.

There is a growing range of real world academies where you can learn the programming language. Provided you have passion to learn, then you are good to go. Once you have the skills, nothing should bother you. Not even when an app fails! This is because you have the skills to come up with another one.

5. Start marketing

It is surprising and equally annoying that most people, having successfully made apps, get stuck in the marketing part. For heaven’s sake! In this age of computer and the internet, things should be pretty simple.

Go to social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rest and advertise your app. You can even get your family and friends to do the same. If you have to make noise for your app to gain market acceptance, kindly do it. It will pay off in the long run. Also, if you can build simple webpages to support your app, that would be great.

In all that you do, remember that you have to be noticed. Be aggressive and even if it means seeking conventional means of publicity, do it. Pitch your ideas to reviewers. Come up with a pitch that describes the name of your app and what it does in not more than 80 words.

Whether or not your app is useful or fun, its success falls back to its first principles. You probably have come across people, some even below 18 years, who have become millionaires just by making and selling apps. You too can be in that category! The above ways will give you an idea of how to invest in your app and reap handsomely from it.

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