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5 Ways Your Business Can Use Instagram to Make Sales.

Updated on June 23, 2016

Formulate your own creative strategy

It is very good to be as imaginative as possible. That way, you will be assured of attracting your target client. You need to define things such as the age bracket you’ll be targeting, the geographical region they should be from, the types of occupation etc. Every last detail counts in strategics.

Use relevant hashtags

At this day and age, hashtags are widely used by people on Instagram. It is an interesting phenomenon that a business should use to their own advantage. An appropriate hashtag should be used though. That way, one can conveniently generate the report of how their hashtag performed.

Share often

It is very easy to share pictures. It takes less than five minutes. Sharing helps to earn more impressions of your products. It is, however, advisable for you to follow the rules of moderation. That will help you to ensure you do not over saturate your followers’ feeds.

Make use of user generated content

The best way to involve your customers is by allowing them to post pictures of them as they interact with your products. You can give them a hashtag of your liking. Their pictures will awe you. The best part is that their friends and family will get to see your products through someone they identify with. That is definitely a plus for your business

Experiment with creating images featuring your product

Being creative is so freeing. Make sure your pictures are bright and catchy. Think outside the box and come up with funky posts. You could even launch a contest asking people to post their most creative and witty pictures, then give a gift hamper to the most outstanding picture.

At the we bring the whole package. Strategics, putting the word out, getting creative and generating reports of how your campaign performed. We use the power of micro influencers to help you get the word out about your products.


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