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5 Ways to Improve Service Quality in Your Business

Updated on January 3, 2012

1. Develop a Service Culture

One of the ways that you can use to improve the quality of service in your business is by developing a service culture. A service culture revolves around the appreciation of good service and offering good service is considered a natural part of life in the organization. Some of the values that are embedded in a service culture include joy, teamwork, integrity, excellence, social profit, innovation and respect among the employees in the organization. Developing a service culture can improve performance and create competitive advantage. However it may take a long time before it is embraced by the employees. It is therefore important for the management to consider other factors that can help improve the quality of service other than the service culture.

2. Hire the Right People

The right people in your business can help you improve your service quality. In most businesses managers tend to hire people with low payment expectations and then expect very little from them. Managers should instead put more emphasis on the hiring process and search for employees with the right qualities to ensure that they are able to deliver the best. Marketing principles should be put in consideration when hiring and selecting talented employees instead of focusing only on the education qualifications and experience. This would help in ensuring the highest delivery of standards and you hire employees that are enthusiastic about service delivery and meeting customers’ expectations.

3. Develop the Employees

Managers can also embark on training and developing employees as a way of equipping them with the skills they need to offer high service quality. Once the employees have the skills they find their work more rewarding and are therefore more motivated in improving their performance. Their service delivery improves and they serve the customers even better. Once you have developed the employees you should seek to retain them in your business by understanding their needs and addressing them. Try to treat your employees the same way you treat your customers by trying to understand them the same way you do with the customers. Carry out regular studies on your employees to try and understand the issues they face at the workplace and involve them in getting the solutions to these issues.

4. Empower Employees

Managers can also empower their employees to facilitate and improve their levels of service delivery and become more attentive towards the needs of the customers. This also tends to raise their confidence levels and helps them enjoy their work as it becomes more challenging and interesting. Involving them in the decision making process allows them to contribute more and develop ideas that help improve customer satisfaction. However, managers need to take caution and only delegate some of the responsibilities and decision making power within the employees’ scope of work.

5. Provide Support Systems

Management should also set up support systems that will encourage employees to perform their very best. The support system should be more focused on the front line staff that deals with the customers more frequently. However the back line staff should not be forgotten or ignored in the process. Team work is essential in providing these kinds of support systems. Employees should be encouraged to support one another in their different roles within the business. Rewarding the employees is one of the best ways of providing support to employees after they have achieved their best performance. The rewarding systems should be focused on rewarding employees for their service delivery. By regularly measuring and rewarding the performance of the employees, managers can help retain them especially when the rewarding systems are fair.


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    • Writer Malkia profile image

      Writer Malkia 6 years ago

      Thank you. Glad to be of help.

    • sabrani44 profile image

      sabrani44 6 years ago

      Good hub, very informative and thoughtful.