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5 Ways to Win a Promotion

Updated on June 20, 2016

All of your coworkers are suddenly after the same workplace promotion. Everyone seems to want it—that coveted climb up the corporate ladder. Competing for a highly sought-after promotion at work takes skill, savvy, and the desire to succeed. If you want a promotion to a position with a better title and more benefits, you’re going to have to work for it. Follow these five steps to win a promotion and climb the corporate ladder with ease:

Prove Your Leadership Skills

Develop leadership skills and demonstrate that you can rally your coworkers into an inspired team. Every company and organization is in search of individuals who possess natural leadership skills. Make your ideas and visions known to the people who count. Prove that you have the ability to lead and succeed.

Show You are Capable

Be the best you can be at the position you currently hold and deliver consistent results. Show an interest in other people’s work and offer to help out wherever you can. A willingness to learn and work as a team is an admirable trait that rarely goes unnoticed.

Know the Right People

Knowing the right people in your place of employment is important if you want to advance in the workplace. Adopt a supervisor as a mentor and learn all there is to know about your job, as well as the position you want to be promoted to someday. When the job you want opens up, make sure the right people are aware that you want the promotion. Make yourself visible and speak up. Don’t be afraid to reach for what you want.

Be Friendly

Office politics often plays a part in determining who gets a promotion and who is left in their current position. That is certainly not to say that merit doesn’t play a large role in the promotion process, but your ability to relate to others and maintain a certain level of popularity within the office is important. Don’t be a wallflower that never grows or advances within your field. If you are naturally shy, try to make your shyness work for you and maintain a friendly demeanor that people respect and admire.

Train a Successor

While it may sound strange to train someone to take your place, it is actually a strategic method for landing a coveted promotion. If you desire to advance in your place of employment, someone will need to take your place when you leave it. If no one can replace you in your current position, you may be passed over for a promotion simply because you are indispensable where you are at on the corporate ladder. Take another employee under your wing and teach them everything you know so that they can easily step into your current position once you have moved up the ladder.

While there is no set blueprint for advancing up the corporate ladder, distinguishing yourself from the rest of your coworkers will grab the attention of your employer. It is important, however, that you don’t set yourself so far apart from the rest of the crowd that you appear arrogant or unlikeable. Deliver consistent work results with a friendly and admirable attitude to move up the ladder and gain a well-deserved promotion.


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