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5 Legit Survey Sites You Should Join

Updated on February 16, 2016
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Cindy is an expert at living on a shoestring budge having learned how to be frugal, find deals and earn a little extra cash online.

Survey Site or Survey Scam?

Everyone talks about making money with paid online surveys, but many of these sites are scams and that scares people away. It gives honest survey sites a bad name they don’t deserve. There are real money-making survey sites out there…you just have to know what to look for. While you won’t get rich quick, if you are realistic and join the right sites, you can begin earning real money today!

So how do you know if a survey site is legitimate or a scam? Well, I joined 40 survey sites and I found some good and some bad. I’ve been paid by about half of them at least once but my favorites are the 5 listed here that I get regular payments from. As for the rest of the sites, I deleted my accounts and unsubscribed myself due to factors like emailing me “offers” instead of surveys and having ridiculously high redemption amounts that would take months, if not a year, to reach.

How to Get Started

When you join a site, fill out your profile right away. This determines how many surveys you will get. Then, each time you qualify for and complete a survey, the points (or, in some cases, cash) are added to your account. Once your account balance reaches a certain limit, you are allowed to cash out. However, you won’t qualify for every survey, so it can take weeks to reach your necessary cash-out balance. You’ll have to invest a little time for doing the surveys each site is offering. I spend about an hour each day answering questions and probably qualify for 1 out of every 7 or 8 surveys I attempt.

So, here is my list of trusted sites. I cash out on a regular basis (at least monthly from one or more of them) from each of them and have proof of payments to show for it. Here, I’m giving you the minimum payout amounts. Of course, you can choose not to redeem until you are eligible for an even bigger reward.
I suggest you join all these sites and start earning today!

Global Test Market

Global Test Market sends out a few surveys a day and always has plenty on their site for you to take. Once you reach 1100 points you can cash out for $10 to your paypal account. They also occasionally will have home product tests for you to qualify for. You get free pet food, shampoo, cosmetics, whatever, to try at home. You'll do a follow up survey and you get to keep the product afterwards.

Ipsos i-Say

i-Say also sends out some surveys, but you have to log in to the site for the complete list of surveys available to you. Once you reach 500 i-Say points in your account you can cash out for a gift card to a number of stores such as CVS, Best Buy, Kmart or choose visa cards, paypal and more.


This one doesn’t send out quite as many surveys as the first two sites I mentioned, but the minimum payout amount is only $8 (cash via paypal) so it evens the score.

My Survey

Definitely one of my favorites. They always have plenty of surveys to take and they send me a lot of home product trials, too! So far, I’ve tested perfume, hair color, cat treats, cat litter and more. 1100 points can be redeemed for $10 via paypal and it's pretty quick to reach 1100 points!

Quick Rewards Network

Quick Rewards is the only PTC (paid to click) site I stayed active with. That’s because there’s no minimum to cash out. You can transfer as little as $1 into your paypal account and it’s really easy to rack up a few bucks. I like that because it comes in handy when I’m short on cash. The only downside to Quick Rewards is that they send way too many surveys to your inbox, so periodically you’ll have to go and delete them or set up a free email account just for all your survey sites.

Just a few more words of advice:

*All these sites offer bonuses for referrals, so if you like them, spread the word! It’s a great way to gain points and cash out even faster.
*Prepare yourself for LOTS of surveys in your inbox. Better yet, open a separate email account just for your survey sites.
*If you have a favorite site that really pays, please let me know in the comments section!


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