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4 effective online strategies to increase your presence on the internet

Updated on July 23, 2011

There are numbers of ways to use online marketing websites such as social mediasites and online marketing strategies to attract the audience that you need and transform it in paying customers. With today’s fast internet development, as an extraordinary marketing tool, it is realistic for a small business owner to expand his influence in hisniche in ways that are truly viral. There are two principles that you need to stick to: first of all, you need to become a leading voice in your sector by listening and engaging with your clients. Secondly you need to implement your presence on the web by using different online media platforms.

1.Your website

Making your website the centre hub of your business, is an essential step to effectively use the internet as a powerful attractive tool. Your website not only needs to appear as a good looking one but it needs to be full of rich and informative content. People will look for information on the internet and the more accurate you respond to their questions the more you will conquer their trust in you. You need to come forward as a true expert in your niche through compelling posts in your blog, interesting tutorials, tips, articles etc. The way you organise these information and the language and style you use to write your stuff, are crucial as well as the topics. Make sure to use a very effective language, with clear explanations and use the appropriate writing style for the audience you aim to have. Plenty of photos, videos, compelling articles, a touch of fun are all very useful ways to make your website a stunning one. Always remember to stay in touch with your users, ask for feedbacks, comments, suggestions. You must engage with them all the time in order to learn from them what they are looking for, what they need and what they would eventually buy from you. A good idea would be to have a forum within your website so that people can write comments and feedbacks. Have a blog and keep it updated with new fresh content and put useful links especially back links to your articles and other posts that you have published somewhere else.

2.Use forums in internet in your area of expertise.

Participating in forums is a wonderful way to taste the water and build up your knowledge of the audience in your related niche. Another advantage of forums is that they can give you the opportunity to exercise and practice the ability not only to engage with people but to write and explain the topic and the concept you want to come across with. By doing that you will build up an audience that will follow you on your website effortlessly, who already knows you and trust you without the need to set up an expansive marketing campaign based only on slogans. People in internet looks for real and useful information and don’t pay much attention to advertisements that only shout how good you are. They will judge you according to what you are realistically prepared to offer to them. Being an active member of forums in internet is the best way to know your audience and being known as the one that can offer them what they are looking for. Ideally, by the time they will be redirected to your website they have already decided to buy from you.

3.Article marketing and blogs.

You need to come across as a leading voice, someone that has got a solid presence on the internet based on what he knows and his/her ability to help others to get what they want to achieve. Therefore content is the most important aspect of your online marketing campaign. Reinforcing this concept by writing articles in some a websites like,, Article Base, etc will be another way to spread out your presence on the net. You need to leverage yourself in order to be successful. Therefore blogs are crucial to come forward as a leader, as an authority in your niche. Keep your blog not only interesting but updated with fresh content and in line with what your audience is looking for. It is also important to offer a compelling reason to subscribe to your blog, such as a special report, a newsletter, an ebook, something that will attract the audience toward you. This strategy will allow you to collect names and emails addresses so that you will have useful contacts that you need to stay in touch with.

4.Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other similar platforms.

The explosion of these sites in today’s online world is very well known. Now that Facebook has overcome even Google in the number of users looking at it, small as well as big businesses are increasingly looking to advertise themselves on this platform. At the moment in U.S 80% of the companies are doing just that and many more are willingly to have a go. The advantages on Facebook are quite obvious. A site with more than 500 millions of users all over the world can’t be underestimated in its capacity to spread out content on the net. The second reason is that this kind of marketing is very cheap: you can create a Facebook page for your business for free and even the Facebook paid marketing campaign is fairly cost effective. Advertising in Facebook offers a way for small and big companies to come forward as nice and wise among the internet audience that is so attentive to content and comes straight to the point without giving much attention to fake slogans. In fact Facebook originally has not been created to be a marketing site. On the contrary it was created for users to meet and share information therefore you need to understand the right approach to advertise in Facebook which is completely different from what you would use for an offline marketing campaign. Again, the secret is being helpful and generous to your audience, do not make big promises that you cannot maintain on contrary stick to what you can do and be prepare to work out ways to always staying in contact with the users. Twitter is based on the same principle: users are there to share information, meet other people with whom they exchange opinions, ideas and build up relationships. Although Twitter is not, in my opinion that user friendly, once you understand the principle, it is a really a useful source of information in order to expand your business, search and connect with key people in your niche , acquire customers and stay in touch with your industry. Use it wisely though, don’t waste time twittering things that people couldn’t care less. Always make sure to write in Twitter when you have something important to say. Do not just twitter about yourself, make an effort to get in contact with people and make them understand that you are serious in what you do. Growing a fun base in Facebook or followers in Twitter is very useful and rewarding. Lead them to your website, the real headquarter of your your business. It is here, in fact, that your audience need to end up.

Whatever you decide to do, consider the time that will take to implement such strategy. It is a big commitment and you need to work constantly on whatever media you decide to use. Before opening up an account, or setting up a website look carefully at your business. The website needs to be perfect do not rush into it, design and put the right content with the right links, make sure to have everything essential in place: newsletter, reports, blog etc. Only at this point you will upload it on the net.

The essential principle is this: you need to emerge in today’s media panorama as a leading voice, an authority, someone that people trust. People do not want to be praised, do not want promises, they need information, how to achieve specific goals and overcome problems. Show them that you can help in practical, effective and multiple ways. The battle of tomorrow online presence in internet will be facing an incredible increase in competition among companies. More and more people will be using the internet to come across potential users therefore you need to reinforce the quality of what you publish in your website, blogs, articles, forums to come forward as a real winner.


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    • laral profile image

      laral 5 years ago from England

      Thank you Sumon. I will do asap.

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for your comment. I am thinking of starting a blog or affiliate marketing and I am learning a lot at the moment. We will see!

    • glassvisage profile image

      glassvisage 6 years ago from Northern California

      Thanks for the Hub! I agree that participating in relevant forums has been very helpful to me in promoting my websites and causes. Social marketing definitely has helped! It has been helpful for me to collaborate with similar agencies and to share links on our respective websites. Lots of great input. Thanks for the Hub!

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      thanks. I wish you all the best

    • bharath.adupa profile image

      bharath.adupa 6 years ago from India

      hope i am going to use ur info and make my presence on internet....hahaha.....thanks