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5 Great Work at Home Ideas

Updated on October 8, 2014

This is a topic that has flooded the net. However, and unfortunately, most articles and blogs written on this topic are geared towards online jobs and tasks mainly. There are already so many sites, blogs, hubs and articles that tell you to write on hubpages, squidoo or infobarrel. So many of them give you ideas on how to make money clicking on ads (PTC sites), reading mails, answering questions on webanswers and other sites and participate in forums to get paid. Yet, there is a lot more that tells you how to become affiliates for amazon, ebay and clickbank. And the most popular, all the articles on how to earn from adsense and other ad network.

A search on the words “work at home ideas” gives on the first page, 8 out of 10 results that talk about online jobs. So, only 2 out of 10 results give ideas for at-home jobs not related to the internet or computing at all.

While, I do believe that the internet is definitely is a source of passive income for some and more for others, there are other ways one can earn at home apart from internet jobs. Rather, computers and internet can be used as a support rather than as the main tools. Below is a list of few work at home jobs that anyone can do.

I do not believe in jobs for men or jobs for women. So, I will not categorise them. I believe, the man can help the woman and vice versa.

1. Cooking job

I am referring to a small catering service. If you are able to cook nice things, from cakes and snacks to dishes for lunch or dinner, then a bright future may be awaiting you, irrespective of whether you are already employed or not. To start, you will probably need to cook a few things and invite friends, neighbours and relatives in small groups for tasting. To those who would praise what they are eating, tell them you would be pleased to take their orders. You would start small but word of mouth marketing will help you grow. Your best advertising agents are always your satisfied customers. Make use of them to let grow your new at-home business.

Things you may cook can range from pancakes, snacks, cupcakes, desserts to even meals. In short, anything that you can cook.

2. Florist and floral decorations

If you have a sense of creativity and you live in a place where flowers can be easily be bought, then this could be a profitable idea for you. The job of a florist consist in arranging fresh flowers into bouquets that can be used in ceremonies or be given as gifts. If you have never done this before, there are many books on floral arrangements that can help you. Else, the internet can be a great source of inspiration. However, the backbone remains your sense of creativity.

Though natural flowers are more demanded, there are still chances for bouquets with artificial flowers to sell. For this one, you have the advantage of making the bouquets in advance and show them to any prosepective buyer. No need to sell them hastily as they are not perishable.

3. Car wash

This can be a very profitable part time job that can be undertaken at home in the evening or during weekends. Many of us are so taken up with our jobs and social commitments that we, most of the time, do not find the time and courage to wash our car or to take care of our home. If you leave in a highly residential area and you do have some space to accommodate one or two cars in your compound, then it’s done. However, to avoid problems with immediate neighbours and the local authorities, I would suggest you accept cars only on appointment. This would get you rid of the parking problem and help you manage your time. By taking appointment, you will ensure you accept only a number you can actually wash. Your mobile phone will be of great help. I know of a friend who even volunteers to pick up the car and brings it back after washing.

Otherwise, especially if you live near an industrial or commercial region where many people come to work, you may well move towards your customers. You may provide your services to go and wash your customers cars at their places of residence or their work. I have seen people washing cars in company private parkings. Of course, there are some sort of arrangements that you and your customers need to make.

4. Knitting

Surprisingly, knitting does not require a lot to learn. This is something that anyone can learn at any age. I know both men and women who knit. Once you learn the basics, you can buy books and magazines and go on the internet to perfect yourself. I have been told that the ideal stuffs to make as a beginner are scarves. Again, this may start with a small gift to selected friends and relatives, especially on specific occasions. Look for an opportunity to tell them you did it yourself and that you would be happy to accept orders from them.

5. Baby-sitting and private tutoring

This has, no doubt, been something many housewives have done. However, not all of them have been paid for it. However, in our modern world, where both spouses work in various families, looking for a baby-sitter, especially an occasional one, might be a nightmare. Most of us do leave our babies and kids at the nursery when they are alright. However, sending a child who is ill may not be a good idea and the need to have someone to look after him is the most desired situation. Or, after work, you want to go out with your better half and the nursery is closed already. Here comes the role of the occasional baby-sitter. So, if you are a housewife who does have plenty of time, baby-sitting can prove to be a very lucrative work at home job for you. Again, informing a few relatives and neighbours and they will spread the news about your new part time job.

In addition, if you have knowledge of subjects taught at school or of music or of religious studies among others, you may start private tutoring. This can be done in groups or individually. Some persons give private tuitions at their own place and children attend their classes in groups. Other persons move to the child's home to give tuition.

The title of this hub is “5 great work at home ideas”. So, I will have to stop at 5. I will not elaborate on more such ideas. However, I cannot resist naming some more ideas that, I hope, may arouse more your interests for work at home jobs. The list is non-exhaustive and includes: tutoring and helping with homework, typewriting (letters and assignments), craft making, embroidery and care giving.


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